Learning Anatomy

On Wednesday night I had my Fitness Theory class and I was feeling stressed and worried about going. Why? Well, on Monday night we learned about skeletal anatomy and we were told that Wednesday nights class would be about muscular anatomy. 

On Monday night as our instructor Julia talked about various bones and their movement patterns I felt very lost. There were pictures in our book to go along with the movements she was describing like: flexion, adduction, plantar flexion, extension, supinate to name a few but I was struggling to keep up. I sat in the class with the “deer in the headlights” look I am pretty sure. She was speaking so many new words and I was second guessing myself if I was going to be able to do the course.

When I left the class on Monday I walked out with two other people and they were talking about how they felt unsure. As I heard that I almost felt relief and happy it wasn’t just me. Phew!  

I did my reading and homework on Tuesday evening and with Warren’s help things seemed to make a bit more sense.

Wednesday night in class we were asked about how we felt I said “overwhelmed and a bit lost”. Julia said she could understand that but things would start to make sense. Then we settled in to learn about the muscles. I took it all in, listened and tried to make it click. As she talked about the muscles she brought up their movements from the Monday class. So, now I was learning about bones, muscles and movements and the bones and movements were still unclear. AH…too much!

At the end of class she had us label our bones and muscles for both posterior and anterior. She had index cards made up with names on them that we used to do the labeling. I said that I would be the person to be labeled and away they went. They used their books to help and if they were unsure I would ask what the word was to see if I could help too. Between the three of us we got it figured out and only had two wrong for the anterior. 


Me being labeled
Me being labeled

Next we had to do the posterior side and we had our instructor be the person who was labeled and the three of us worked together to figure it out. I found I knew a bit more than I thought I did. This made me happy and I felt a bit of relief. I still have lots to learn and a lot is still not clear but I have decided I will get myself some index cards and do the same thing. 


Julia being labeled
Julia being labeled


My plan is to write out what the bones, muscles are and their movements on the cards so I can then label Warren (he is just finding out now as he reads this). That way I can then picture better where things are and what they do. Reading something in a book over and over again isn’t the way that I learn and I need to be “hands on”. So, I now have a new excitement about learning my muscles and bones and look forward to getting started. 

How do you learn?


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