Race Recap: Western Speedway GutBuster

On Sunday morning I volunteered at the first GutBuster of the series that took place at Western Speedway. I helped set up and I worked at the registration table with Cindy. It was the first time I had volunteered in that position and I liked it because I got to meet other runners and put faces to their names.

Around 9:30am I was relieved by another volunteer and went to get ready to run because I was taking part in the short race that was 6k. There was also a 12k course but I had done a 16k training run the day before so figured the shorter race on hilly terrain would be enough for my tired legs. The run would be on the motocross course and also in the wooded area behind the track. The hill climbs in this course were bearable and I didn’t have to walk any. I have found with past GutBusters I have stopped to walk because some of the climbs up the mountains are so steep that walking is faster than trying to run.

The day was a beauty and warm. I had no expectations and wasn’t nervous. I was just out for a run. I had my iPod on for tunes but just listened with one ear bud. I know from past trail runs that I need the music but I also need to hear if someone is coming up behind me since the trails are so narrow. Away we went, up and over the motocross course. For the short course we had to do one lap of the course, then trails and then back to the course for the last lap before the finish.

I could see Warren running ahead of me and he was looking good. He had been feeling tired before the run but you wouldn’t know it to see him go. He also didn’t have any expectations for the race.

As I entered the trail there were a few women ahead of me. I didn’t know if they were doing the long or the short course but when I could I made my move to go by them. I could then see some men ahead of me on the trail and I tried to catch up. Just as I was close to reaching them we cam to the grassy section of the run. We had to do a big circle and it reminded me of the Mudd, Sweat and Tears event that Warren and I had done in November. The sand was still in the grass from when we had to do the army crawl under the barbwire fence. Fun times!

Back onto the trail and making my way to the motocross course again. I had my Garmin watch on but a few times it lost the GPS signal so I wasn’t using it to track my distance. I knew eventually I would get to the finish. Once on the motocross course I saw Cindy and a few others cheering me on. It is always nice to see familiar faces and I find they motivate me when I sometimes need the extra little pick me up.

Once I went around the last corner and crossed the finish line I was happy to be done and then I heard the announcer say “Kyla Beattie is the first woman to finish the short course.” WHAT? Really! It was good news and very unexpected. The other two girls for the short course finished a few seconds after me. I went over to congratulate them and then headed over to see Warren. He told me he placed second overall for the short course so he was also first in his age group. Oh so proud!

We waited around after the race to get our medals and chat with some of the other runners. While we were there I met Lisa. She came up and introduced herself to me and told me she follows my blog. I thought that was really cool and so happy she did it. I love meeting new people. Lisa placed second in her age group for the short course.

Lisa and I meeting for the first time.
Lisa and I meeting for the first time.

So, did you take part in any races this weekend? How did you do?

5 thoughts on “Race Recap: Western Speedway GutBuster

    1. Thanks a bunch. It was a fun day and I got to run, enjoy the sun and meet people.

      I was thinking the other day that there should be more odd distance races and not just the standard. It would be a good way for people to challenge themselves. Just a random thought I had.


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