A Blister. A Runners Problem.

This weekend is a busy one but one I am looking forward to. I have brunch with my besties and their little ones Saturday morning and then on Sunday I am volunteering at the Oak Bay Half Marathon working at the bag check starting at 6:15am. Since I am not a fan of running in the afternoon or evening that meant that I had to do my 18k training run this morning before work. Some think I am crazy and you wouldn’t be far off but others of you are understanding my reasoning. You know that the run needs to get done one way or another so you make it work when you can.

I had mapped out a route that would take me in a big loop so I wasn’t running on the same road twice. I don’t like out and back runs and I find them boring. I spend the time looking at my watch wondering when it is that I can eventually turn around. That doesn’t make running fun for me. The route that I had mapped out made it that I ended up at work. I had planned ahead and brought my food and clothes to work earlier in the week and I then didn’t have to run with a backpack. Win.

I had some coffee and breaky and then got dressed to go. I had charged my Garmin watch overnight so that was ready. I grabbed my iPod and went to start it up and it was just a black screen. No! I knew that it was charged but I have been having some trouble with it the last few days and I think it has finally died. Thankfully I still had Jaynie’s player from our music exchange so I grabbed it and took off. It was warm outside and spitting rain and I was looking forward to running in the rain. As I headed down the road I started thinking about how nice it was to not have to think about tracking my distance and I could just run. 

Just before the 12k mark I could start to feel a bit of ‘burning on my right achilles tendon. At first I thought maybe I had a rock or something drop into my shoe and it was rubbing. Then a different feeling of sore started. I stopped and saw that I had a blister starting. This was something new to me but figured it could have been caused by the water going down the back of my sneaker and the rubbing of my sock. I tried to just keep running but that wasn’t going to happen.

So along the way I stopped at Jasmine’s Restaurant to see if could get a band-aid. I went in soaking wet and the waitress looked at me and said “Are you here for breakfast? Just take a seat anywhere.” I was wishing I was cause it smelled so good but I told her “No. Do you have a band-aid?” She then asked if I was hurt and I just told her I had a blister starting. She then got someone from the back and he came out of the kitchen with a box of Mickey Mouse band-aids. They made me smile. He gave me two but because my skin was wet so they weren’t sticking all that well. I tried to get them to work because I still had 6k left to go. I left the restaurant and within a few feet the band-aids fell off and it was rubbing again. What was I going to do? I wasn’t close to home so I needed to figure something out.

I got creative and took off my sock and used it like a big cushion to pad my blister and tendon. It worked pretty well and I was able to continue the rest of my run with only a few stops to either move the sock up or tuck it back down on the sides.

Some of you could be wondering why I didn’t stop running and a few years ago if this would have happened I would have. A few years ago if someone would have said to me “Are you a runner?” I would have said “No, I run to stay healthy and helps me with my mood. It is something easy to do and I can be outside.”

Now though if someone was to ask me if I am a runner I would say “Yes” but it just hit me today that I really am a runner. Not because I ran with a blister but the way I thought of my run after I had the blister. I could have stopped and walked slowly to work but then I wouldn’t have completed the 18k I needed to run this weekend. I could try and run another 6k on Saturday or Sunday but then I wouldn’t be running those last 6k on already tired legs. And the whole point of long training runs is to get your legs ready to run for long periods of time. So, I decided as long as I could make it work I would keep going.

I was happy I did and it felt good to complete the run. I have felt good all day and look forward to running the Whistler Half in 2 weeks with Cindy. My first destination race and it’s a girls weekend.

When did you realize you were a runner? Was there a moment or it just came naturally to you in realizing you are?


2 thoughts on “A Blister. A Runners Problem.

    1. The volunteering experience wasn’t the best. the race was very disorganized and people were cranky on Sunday morning. Kinda sad actually.

      Your MP3 is still keeping me company. 🙂


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