Early ride, yoga and volunteering

Today was hilly ride workout kind of day. I headed out on Lily a little before 6:00am and started down Millstream Road towards Munn Road. Most cyclist in the Victoria area know that Munn Road is a killer climb in both directions but just like runners we enjoy pushing ourselves. This was the first time this season I did the ride and I was happy I went solo for it. I am trying to work on getting some miles in my legs before Warren and I head to Osoyoos in July because right now the plan is to take our bikes with us.

As I headed down the road and started to climb some of the rolling hills on Millstream Road  was struggling. I was in what I thought was the ‘easiest’ gear for the climb but the tension was so hard and I had to stand to get up the hill. I got to thinking about the climb that would come on Munn Road and how difficult it would be if things continued the same way. Either way though I would make it and I would just be stronger in the long run if it continued to be hard.

The morning was a bit cool and made my hands cold. The sky was a pretty color and had a neat feel to it; like it was almost mystical. As I rode along through the wooded area I would see deer, rabbits and hear the birds over my iPod. I loved it and started to feel like I was in a movie going through an enchanted forest.

The ride was 24k and I ended at work. I was happy for the hot shower to warm me up. Later through email mentioned to Warren that my gears were off and he told me that he discovered last night that the left gear shift is pretty much gone and needs to be replaced. So that explains why I was having trouble with the climbs. Phew. It wasn’t just me. 

Forest, sunrise starting to come up over the hill
Doesn’t this look like from a movie? Maybe Snow White or something?


Since it is Bike to Work Week (BTWW) in Victoria and I am on the BTWW committee for Royal Roads University (RRU) I organized for Sarah to do a yoga session at the Blue Heron house on campus. It is a beautiful building and a great place for yoga because the view looks out at the Lagoon. So calming and peaceful. There was a fair size group of us and it was a nice way to spend my lunch break.

People sitting cross legged doing yoga poses.
Sarah teaching us yoga
Esquimalt Lagoon
The view from the Blue Heron house.


As part of part of the BTWW committee I also volunteered some of my time today to help out at the celebration station that took place at the top of the hill across from RRU. Myself and some of the others on the committee helped with setting up the tables and getting things ready. It was fun to do and a great way to interact with the community.

The celebration station across from RRU.
The celebration station across from RRU.


There were lots of cyclists stopping to get some food, and goodies. CRD was on site and Corey spoke to me about the “Cruise with Courtesy” campaign they have going now. They were handing out free bike maps and bags when you took the pledge to be a happier and safer cruiser. That was easy to do.

There was also a lady from CRD speaking to us about their “Tap into Sustainability Pledge“. I signed a pledge to drink tap water and received a really cool reusable water bottle. Again that was easy to do because I already drink tap water. I think it is such a waste of money to buy bottled water.

My new CRD water bottle.
My new CRD water bottle.


The day was a good one because I got to be outside in the sun. I got to exercise and feel good even though it was a challenge with my gears. I got to hang out with new people and also some people who I already know.

How was your day? Was it as full as mine?


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