Running with someone new

Last month I had a check up appointment at my dentist office. I don’t mind going to the dentist typically. I always feel better leaving knowing I have cleaner teeth even though I do brush my teeth after every snack or meal. While I was having my teeth cleaned I was asked my hygienist Danielle if she was still running? I had remembered from my visit the year before that she was a runner. She made mentioned that she didn’t have a running partner anymore so was struggling to get out for runs lately.

I am someone who doesn’t mind running solo but I know when you are used to working out with a partner it can be an adjustment to go running or do a workout by yourself. So, I mentioned to her the Frontrunner’s run club that I am part of on Wednesday nights and told her if she wanted to take part in that it would be hard work with some fun/social mixed in. She said she would give it some thought. 

I then mentioned that if she ever wanted to go running with me that I would be happy to go. She then said “Oh I don’t run fast and I don’t want to slow you down.” That seems to be a typical response from someone when I tell them I will go with them. I told her that she wouldn’t and that I just enjoy meeting new people and helping to motivate them. I also said that I just like to run and be outside so it would be great no matter what speed.

I then said “My number is in the file so if you want to contact me you can.” I made a joke with her about how it sounded like I was trying to pick her up. She then told me she left her phone number in my take away bag that had my new toothbrush, paste and floss.  We then had a good laugh.

This past weekend Danielle and I met to go for a run on Sunday morning. It was an amazing morning for a run and I was looking forward to it. I was going to run in her neighborhood and that was exciting in itself because I enjoy running in new places. As the time got closer though for me to leave I started to get nervous about the run and wondered if she would be faster than me? After chatting with Warren I realized it would be what it would be and if I found the pace too fast I would just have to let her know.

As we ran along we chatted and got to know each other better. We did an out and back loop from her house along the Galloping Goose to the Songhee’s walkway. We even talked about how we both are not fans of out and back loops but the route that we were running was just too pretty not to.

View along the Songhees walkway
View along the Songhees walkway

I decided to mention to Danielle that I had been nervous about being able to keep up but the pace that went felt comfortable to me. She agreed and I was happy about that. So, if someone asks you if you want to go for a run or do a workout together say yes, if you want to do it and experience something new. You never know unless you try.

In the end we ran 11k together and are planning to meet up again to run in two weeks. She will make her way to my area next time.

When you run or workout with someone new for the first time do you get nervous? How do you ease your nerves?



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