Month of May Around the World Relay totals

Well, the Around the World Blog Relay officially stopped the end of April but it was suggested that we keep the relay going and track the totals monthly. I told everyone that I would be happy to contact them at the end of each month for their totals so we could continue our journey around the world.

This month I received 25 responses out of the 40 people in the relay and I have to say we rocked our distance. In total for the month of May we ran 3093.85km.

I have decided I will start the map from our last destination in April and continue from there. So, we are now leaving Anna in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia and I have us headed across the water to see Jaynie in Tarbert, Argyll. We are stuck in the middle of the ocean so let’s hope there isn’t anything big and hungry checking us out for the rest of June.

What did a learn this month?

Kirsten completed her 100km walk from London to Brighton in 26 hours. OH MY! And I thought the 56k walk I did a few years ago in 9 hours was tough. Way to go Kirsten! You can read her recap here.

Through Steve’s blog I read about his impressive four races he did back to back in two days. One day he ran a 10k and a 5k back to back. The next day he then ran a half marathon and a marathon. To get to the marathon start after he finished the half marathon he hopped on a motorbike to go to the marathon race start and to go again. Crazy and awesome all at the same time. You can read more here.

Also, I would like to say good luck to Jaynie and @TheWelshWookie who are doing their leg in the GB Relay on Sunday.The relay is how the idea came to be for #ATWRBR2014.

The top three runners with the highest totals for May were:

Julia ran 339km and just completed her leg for the GB Relay. I found out she is taking part in a charity challenge to run 55 miles in the mountains in 12 hours. Phew! Sounds tiring but good luck!

Eli ran 247.83km

Scott ran 160.93km

And a little shout to Reni who had a personal best last month and broke 100 miles. So, when converted to kilometers she ran 157.52km. Congrats!

Happy running all!

What big things will we accomplish in June?


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    1. Perfect. And can you have some of that cheesecake too or do you have a sweet that you make that is tasty and would be a good one for us to try. Give us a feel of your hometown?


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