Workout Weekend Recap

Thursday evening I went camping at French Beach with the  MA in Tourism Management students at Royal Roads University. It was the first time I had been camping there and the first time I had been camping with that large of a group. There was about 20 or so of us and some people had never been camping before. We enjoyed good food over the campfire, laughs, stories and we even played a game of capture the flag. Fun times were had by all and we only had a bit of rain over night.

MATM students at French Beach
MATM students at French Beach

I arrived home tired and smelling like smoke at noon on Friday and I was prepared to nap and just chill before Warren got home. But ten minutes after I got home Warren did too. Since he was home I then wanted to make the most of the sunny afternoon, even though I was tired. I suggested a hike up and over Mill Hill which we can get to from our house. It is called a “hill” but it is a good climb in some places. We were out for 2.5 hours and by the time I got home was really tired and I needed to lay down for a nap.

Saturday morning I had a date with my friend Kim to do my “stairs of hell” as she calls them. She is due to have her baby next week and she wants to encourage him or her to be on time. HA! I picked her up a little after 7:00am and she had never been there before.  We did two sets so, 676 stairs in total. She did have to take a break or two but for her first time doing them and with a baby on board she did wicked. I text her later to see if they helped to start any labour but no luck. She said she will be back to try again though.

Kim, 39 weeks pregnant
Kim, 39 weeks pregnant!

When I got back Warren and I went for a run around Thetis Lake. It’s a nice little 5k loop close to home and it had been some time since we had run together. I enjoyed the run and I am so happy we can do things like that together. We get to explore so many areas together because we enjoy the same things.

Then this morning Warren and I did a mini bootcamp like workout. We took our skipping ropes and a list of exercises that we had agreed on doing once we arrived at our destination. We had to figure that out before we left so we were on the same page about the workout. We have learned from past experiences that sometimes one person thinks one thing while the other is thinking another way and it causes trouble.

Our workout consisted of an easy warm up run to the playground and from there we did three rounds of:

  • lunges
  • push-ups starting at 10 and increasing by 5 each time
  • step ups on the wall around the play area
  • one minute of skipping
  • one minute of plank

Then just to make our legs burn a bit more I got us to hold a squat for one minute. We then walked back home because both of us could feel our tired legs already. It was nice to do something different than running or riding our bikes which is our typical go to. I am pretty certain that both of us will be feeling some good pain in our legs tomorrow if not by Tuesday.

What did you get up to this weekend? Did you workout with a friend or your partner?




4 thoughts on “Workout Weekend Recap

  1. I’m just curious where these “stairs of hell” are? I’m new to the city and looking for a good set of stairs! Thanks!


    1. Hi Devon,

      These stairs are great! You take Veteren’s Memorial Road towards Latoria Walk and Red Barn Market. You will go past a speed limit sign on the right and then a yellow pole. There is a dirt pull out on the right hand side and you will see a wooden fence. Follow the path that goes to the right and you will come to “the stairs of hell”. When not on vacation I go once a week in the summer if you ever want to join us in the mornings. Any other questions let me know and welcome to Victoria. Where are you from?


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