Stairs and my happy place

I love mornings which most of you know and my site is called Early Bird Fitness. I got up a little earlier today around 4:00am and came downstairs to enjoy my morning coffee and ease into the day. I am not a fan of being rushed and my plan was to leave the house around 5:30ish.

I have also found since I keep getting older each year that it takes me longer to look awake. Soon I guess I just wonโ€™t sleep because what time would I have to get up in 20 yearsโ€™ time to look awake? Ha!

This morning I had organized a stair workout with Samantha and Robynne. I rode Lily to meet them at the park and I arrived a few minutes before Roybnne did. I suggested we start our workout and on our way back down the stairs we met Samantha on the way up.

Before we started I had placed 12 rocks on the log. I knew that I had an hour to work out before I had to ride to work so I was hoping to do more than the normal 10. It was time to push myself outside of my comfort zone at the stairs. I mixed things up and did two at a time to the top of the railing and then ran to a log on the left before walking the last 20 or so to the top. I would ran to a big rock that is about 120 stairs from the bottom and then walked to the top. I would just keep changing up the sequence of what I was doing to vary things.

Robynne had to leave early and then it was just Samantha and I. By the time I was on my last set Samantha said that she was leaving. I checked the time and had 15 minutes left before I needed to leave for work so I decided I would add three more rocks to the log. Letโ€™s make it an even 15!

I did it and that meant I walked or ran 5070 steps. I felt good even though my legs were like Jell-O by the time I was done. The morning had started out a bit grey but by the time I finished the sun was shining through the trees. It was beautiful and being in that moment me feel even more alive and happy.

Happy Me!
Happy Me!

Another reason I enjoy working out first thing in the morning is because I get to have breakfast afterwards. It is like my reward for sweating.

PB & J oats with egg whites...YUM!
PB & J oats with egg whites…YUM!

Have you ever had that kind of happy feeling moment after you finished a workout? What is your favorite breakfast after you workout?


6 thoughts on “Stairs and my happy place

  1. I love mornings too! I’d rather wake up an hour earlier and lose that sleep time and have time to drink coffee and eat breakfast instead of rushing around. When I was home, I used to love eating a piece of toast covered in almond butter after I worked out.


    1. I bet getting up early in the mornings now is even more appealing since you are in a new place all the time. I would be eager to get out and explore.

      I love how you say your toast would be covered in almond butter. That is how to do it. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Your stairs workout always looks like fun to me!
    As you know, I’m more of an evening exerciser, so I usually start my day with greek yoghurt sprinkled with chia and flax, and with mixed berries on top of that. Today I had a lovely mix of blueberries and the first of the new season’s Scottish strawberries. Yum!


    1. Well, when you come to visit I will take you to the stairs and you can experience the fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ And you can take me out for evening runs when I come to visit.

      Your breaky sounds delish. I love fresh berries. So much better than the frozen ones.


  3. You’re crazy. I don’t get up until the very last minute. Sure, I’m scrambling to get to my run on time, but want that sleep! Oh dang, I forgot to put peanut butter in my oatmeal this morning! I like that! I think you know my fav post run morning treat! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Yup! I am a bit crazy but I am ok with that. I never used to be this crazy. It wasn’t until I moved to Victoria. Something in the air I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚ That and you can exercise year round. #noexcuses

      I don’t wake to an alarm and just get up. On days when I can sleep in I am still up by 5 so I get an extra hour. ha!

      Peanut butter in oatmeal is SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!

      And up…I know your fav post run treat!


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