Ice Cream Social

Would you rather:

A) run around a 400 meter track 6-8 times doing speed work on a hot summer evening?


B) run around a lake to get ice cream on a hot summer evening?

Well, my answer is B without a doubt. I do know that track running is good for you but I am not a fan of it at all. Going round and round the same circle I find boring. I find track workouts hard which makes them good for me but my preference would be hill repeats.

Since the end of April I have only been to one run club workout. The month of May I was taking my Fitness Theory course and then I went to one run club workout just before I ran the Whistler Half Marathon. I have missed seeing my fellow runners each week but I have found that I needed to just run for myself and not make my runs feel like they were work. The summer mornings are perfect for this.

Earlier this year I was nominated to be the Social Director for the club. I was happy to take on the role because I am a social person. I love getting people together and any opportunity to take a picture I am there. Last night was the annual ice cream run to Ice Cream Mountain. I had been looking forward to this social run. I LOVE ice cream and I LOVE running so this is a winning combination for me.

We have a group on Facebook so I posted a week or so ago letting everyone know about the event. A few commented and said that they would be out for the run and I was happy about that. Well, last night was the second time that I took part in the run and the group was larger than it was last year. Seems that a lot of people would rather run for ice cream than run the track!

Runners who run for ice cream.
Runners who run for ice cream.

It was great to see so many people out and I got to meet new people to the club as well. I made sure to make my rounds and catch up with everyone. It was a fun evening and glad I could be a part of it.

Are you the social person in your group and like to organize events?

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?



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