Month of June Around the World Relay totals

Another month down in the Around the World Running Blog Relay. This time 22 of us contributed to the total distance of 2509.34km for the month of June.

A few of our fellow runners are out with various injuries ranging from sore ankles, glutes, hamstrings and hips. An injury to any part of the body is never fun. Something I have always wondered is why do we get injured so much when they say that being active is supposed to keep you healthy. Something doesn’t jive there. I am wishing you all speedy recoveries and that you are back to doing what you love soon.

Last month we stopped mid-way in the water on our way to see Jaynie. We did well at keeping up with trading water for a month and are now on dry land. We have done some serious travelling around the United Kingdom. Check out how many stops we made and where we are headed.

and we are making our way to see Eric in Sittard, The Netherlands.

Phew! Good thing there is a group of us to share the work. Way to go everyone! 

And a HUGE shout out to Laura who ran the largest amount of kilometres since we started this relay and completed 611km for the month of June. CRAZY! 

I am off on vacation this afternoon for a two week road trip with Warren. I am not taking my laptop but am hoping to maybe post once and awhile if I come across a computer at one of our hotels.

Enjoy the sunny summer days and get out and do something fun.



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