Exploring Sun Peaks Slopes

Sunday morning Warren and I were up around 5:00am. Yes, we are on vacation but that doesn’t mean anything. I was struggling to sleep because I was thinking about what adventures we would get up to. I knew we wanted to do some hiking but what mountain would we tackle first? I then started to think about food and was looking forward to having my peanut butter and jam oats. So, I got out of bed and made some coffee.

Warren had planned out our hike and we started on our way at 7:45am from the bottom of the Sun Peaks Ski Resort hill. The trails are well marked by numbers and we followed the 15 to the 4. We were 45 minutes into our hike when we saw a cow. Why we both thought a cow would be half way up a ski hill I can’t tell you but we soon realized it was a black bear. It was about 50 feet from where we were standing and about 10 feet off the trail that we needed to continue on. What to do?

I wanted to go around it and off the main trail but Warren wasn’t game for that. While we waited to see if it would move off the trail a truck came down the hill. The bear didn’t even move the guy told us as he went by. So, we turned back. I didn’t want to turn around because I really wanted to go to the top. I know it was a bear and not a cow.

Warren suggested that we take the chair lift to the top and do some hiking around the top. I had a snack and agreed with his idea. We bought our tickets to go up. Once we reached the top we explored parts of the Crystal Bowl Loop and then veered off to Juniper Ridge Trail. We then took the trail called Top Of The World. All of the trails we weaved through got our heart rates up and our legs were burning. The views from the top were beautiful.

As we climbed to the top we both noticed how the vegetation changed from where we started hiking to the very top. There are some pretty weeds on the hill.

On our way back down from the top of the world we stopped and had lunch at the lodge near the gondola. It was nice to have a sit down and refuel.

We had the option to take the gondola back down but that isn’t how we stroll so we walked back down. We ended up being able to go back down on the trail we originally had to turn around on.

We ended up seeing the bear again but it had moved to below the chair lift. So, we stopped to take a few more pictures. This time it was about 100 feet from us. So very cool.

On our first trip up the mountain before we ran into the bear.
On our first trip up the mountain before we ran into the bear.

By the time we reached the point where we had turned back Warren and I were tired. We had been hiking for roughly 4 hours and we had another 45 minutes before we got to the bottom. We decided to do a slow jog just to change our body movement up a bit. By the time we reached the base of the hill it started to spit rain. We still had a ten minute walk to our lodge but we were both very happy that we weren’t mid-way down the hill.

The first part of the day was a great one and we enjoyed a quiet afternoon in our room while the rain fell.

Have you ever encountered a bear on a hike?


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