Sun Peaks Village boot camp

Tuesday morning Warren and I needed a change from running or hiking.The day before we had done a run around the Village Trail and our legs were feeling very heavy and the run felt awful for a half hour. We decided we would to a boot camp style workout. Our upper body and core needed some attention.

I made the suggestion that we do our workout throughout the village since it was early and there weren’t a lot of people in and around the village. We were finding that the streets were pretty quiet even during the day. Sometimes it felt like it was only us there.

After we figured out what we would do for exercises we headed outside. It was the perfect temperature out but I wasn’t feeling super motivated. I knew once I got going I though I would be fine. We did a warm up run around the village and ended back near our hotel.

Warren doing Russian Twists
Warren doing Russian Twists

We did triceps dips, pushups, slow mountain climbers bringing our knees to opposite elbows so we could really feel it in our obliques, toe taps and Russian twists. We repeated these things three times and ran around the village between each set. While running we found some stairs that had about 15 steps so we did 12 repeats of those. At another point I had us do lunges from one point to another. The last thing we did was run backwards up a gradual hill to where we did the exercises. We could really feel the burn in our legs by the time we stopped. It was good to change it up.

Me doing slow mountain climbers
Me doing slow mountain climbers
Our own village to workout in!
Our own village to workout in!

Do you do outdoor boot camp like workouts when you’re on vacation or would you just go to the gym?


2 thoughts on “Sun Peaks Village boot camp

  1. Looks like fun!
    When we’re on vacation in Florida, there’s a play park about a mile from the house. We sometimes run down there and do some exercises either using the equipment there or using the TRX if we brought it. We then run back home. I’ve been resting this time due to injury, but Steve has been down for a few morning workouts.


    1. Love that even though we are on vacation we still bring workout gear with us that we can use. Resting is good. That just means you can get back it at once you are ready and healed.
      Your vacation looks like it is going well.


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