Hike to breakfast

Warren and I spent Tuesday night in Revelstoke at The Sutton Place Hotel. It was a beautiful spot and neither one if us had ever been in the Revelstoke area before. Once we arrived we were wishing we had a few more nights to explore and just relax by the pool.

Once we checked in to the hotel we quickly got changed into our swimsuits, slathered on sunscreen, poured a glass of wine and headed to the pool. When we arrived there was no one else there and it was our own little paradise. The temperature was sitting somewhere between 35-38 degrees and it felt so good to be soaking up the heat.

The view was spectacular as well. Warren and I were in our happy place and it had been what we had hoped our vacation would be like. Since we had to drop our week old 2015 VW GTI off at the Kamloops dealership on the Saturday it had thrown an unexpected curve ball into our plans and was a bit of a damper. We made the most of it though because that’s how the Beattie s roll.

When we checked in the front desk agent told us that if we wanted to we could buy tickets to take a gondola ride to the top of the ski hill and have a buffet breakfast at the Revelation Lodge. She also mentioned that there was a newly created hike to the top and the trail has only been open a week. Of course me being who I am suggested to Warren that we hike it to have breakfast. He wasn’t interested in doing that so that was all good.

We bought our tickets because even if you hiked the ticket cost included your breakfast. When we woke on Wednesday morning I asked Warren if he was OK with me hiking to the top while he went on the gondola. He said yes but just to be careful. I would do.

The gondola opened at 6:30am and since we had to go back to Kamloops to pick up Chewy II we had to get an early start. So, I got ready and asked the front desk agent where the trail head was. She wasn’t sure but found an email in the book that said to go to the right of the gondola.

Part of the new trail I followed to the top.
Part of the new trail I followed to the top.

So, away I went. The trail wasn’t marked at the start but it looked ‘new’ so I followed it. I figured as long as I could see the gondola than I would be headed in the right direction. The front desk agent had said that it took someone about 40 minutes to do it. Well, that was enough of incentive for me to try and make it up faster. No, I’m not competitive much. Ha!

I had my stopwatch ready and off I went. I had my iPod playing but only put one ear bud in. I was told that there was a family of bears around on the hill so hearing if there was something in the bushes would be beneficial. I also decided that my off key singing would be a good idea too. It ended up that the only thing I saw as I weaved through the new trail was a deer. It heard my singing and just looked at me to say “Please stop. It is too early for that noise.”

I arrived at the top in just under 24 minutes and the gondola hadn’t even started running yet. On this hike I made sure to stop and admire the view of the mountains behind me. They were so beautiful.

View from the top.
View from the top.

I waited for Warren to arrive and we had breakfast together. I had a veggie omelette made for me at the omelette station and then got some bacon, a sausage and hash browns to go with. Not my typical breakfast for sure but it was a a nice treat.

Enjoying the view and my breakfast.
Enjoying the view and my breakfast.

After we ate we went outside to take a few pictures and then headed down the mountain on the gondola. It was another beautiful day and we would have loved to stay longer but we had to get on the road to pick up Chewy II. Our next destination was Calgary.

Have you ever been to Revelstoke? Would you have hiked to the top for your breakfast or would you take the gondola?


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