Sunrise, stairs and friends

Last Wednesday, after a very long day of driving we arrived in Calgary. We drove to Mike’s place, which Grace had arranged for us to stay at. We were minutes from the Stampede grounds which was great since we were planning to spend some time at the Calgary Stampede.

Our workout view.
Our workout view.

We had a late night of catching up with Grace and made sure that creating a workout for the morning happened as well. Grace knew a set of stairs nearby to take us to and we decided that we would do a core tabata set along with other exercises. The workout went like this:

  • two sets of stairs and there were 184/set.
  • tabata working core (20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest x 8).
  • pushups x 15
  • triceps dips x 15
  • biceps curl using bands

We repeated this workout three times.

Grace planking it up!
Grace planking it up!

Two perks of this workout was that I was working out with both Warren and Grace. AND…the sunrise on our way to the stairs was beautiful and made me happy. It reminded me of past morning workouts with Grace in Victoria when she lived there. It had been sometime since I had seen a sunrise in Victoria.

After our workout we left with a few bug bites, tired bodies and headed to get a coffee at Grace’s favorite coffee shop. It was a nice way to start the day.

After coffee Grace headed to work and we headed to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to check out dinosaurs and such. It was a very cool museum and I got to see that Warren loves dinosaurs as mush as he loves Lego.

Do you love dinosaurs?


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