Month of July Around the World Relay totals

Another month down and it is time to figure out how far we have ran in the month of July. Where does the time go?

Most of you mentioned that your distance was down last month but no worries. If you are like me you were moving in some way but you just weren’t running. I spent a lot of time this past month hiking and exploring areas that way. We runners aren’t known to just sit still, even when we are injured like our fellow blogger Allison. She has taken up swimming and cycling so she can stay active and sane. As long as you are enjoying your summer in one way or another that is what matters.

I received totals from 16 of you and we have ran 2173.71km. Last month we were almost to Eric in Sittard, The Netherlands. So, where have we made it now? 

Well we stopped and visited with Eric, then explored Split, Croatia with Jacklyn and are now on our way to see Rekha in Kathmandu, Nepal. We have only a few more bloggers to reach and we will make it around the world. I am going to end our tour with Angela in Fort Nelson, BC and bring our relay back to my home province.

I would say in the next month or two we should have completed our Around the World Running Blog Relay. What races are you training for? Will you distance increase in the next couple months?



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