2015 Cobble Hill 10k

Today was the Cobble Hill 10k race; the second race of the Island Series that has eight races in total. Warren and I will run a race every other weekend until the end of April. It was my first race of 2015 and I had no exceptions. I was calm and cool feeling though compared to my normal pre-race jitters.

Once we arrived we saw familiar faces and reconnected with some runners we hadn’t seen since the series in 2014. I love the running community and it is one of my favorite parts about running in the Island Series. We picked up race bibs, got our race gear on before heading to the start line. It is about a 10 minute walk to the start and as I headed out of the gym I saw Jeanette and Rich so I took a few minutes to talk with them. Start time was now 15 minutes away so it was time to warm up. I feel that is a long enough time for me but I do see other runners out there longer because they are sweaty before they even start.

At the start I was standing next to Sean and Warren and Sean asked me what time I was hoping to complete the run in? I said I didn’t have any particular time in mind but in the past I had run this race in 43-44 mins. He then said “I won’t be running with you.” It made me laugh because he is speedy.

I started my iPod to get myself energized, the announcer started the count down and away we went, all 505 of us. At first Sean and I were running side by side and I got caught up in the wave of the runners ahead of me. I could see Warren close to me so I knew that I needed to slow my pace down. He and I do not run the same pace for a 10k race, actually any race, so I knew that if I kept up with him I would really struggle at the end of my run. Sean kept going though as I slowed.

I found my rhythm and enjoyed the run. Typically before a race I eat a Gu gel to give me a bit of extra energy and caffeine while I run. This time though I decided I would run with my Mandarin Orange Gu and take small mouthfuls of it as the race happened. The first time I had some was about 16 minutes into the run, then I had a bit more at 7k, 8k, and 9k mark thinking that if I kept taking it I would hopefully finish strong. It seemed to work for me because by the time I ended the race I felt good. I had energy to finish strong and my legs felt fast. These legs were not made for sprinting but today Warren told me I finished strong and fast at the end. That made me feel good.

I finished the race in a time of 44:17 and came first in my age group. Placing first was a bit of a shocker to me but made me happy. It is a great way to start my racing season for this year. Warren placed 9th in his age group and had a good first race of his running season.

I placed 1st in my age group.
I placed 1st in my age group.

In other news I have decided that I am going to train for my first marathon. It will take place the end of May so I had to go running after the race. Today’s long run was 14k. I headed back out onto the course and ran 2k out and back. It was nice because I got to cheer on the other racers who were headed to the finish. I enjoyed encouraging them and it didn’t make me think about my tired legs. After the run I headed back to the school to connect with Warren and see how my friends felt about their run.

Next race is in two weeks and it is the Cedar Hill 12k.

Do you spend a long time warming up before you race?

Have you ever tried taking a Gu during a run instead of before?


4 thoughts on “2015 Cobble Hill 10k

    1. Hey A! I am planning to run a marathon in Ottawa May 24th if Warren heads to Ottawa for Nationals this year. Waiting to see if he gets the go ahead before I register for it. Either way there is one after that weekend if he doesn’t go. I will let you know.


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