Leading, training & placing in the Cedar 12k

Near the end of December I spoke to Nick, owner of Frontrunners Westshore and said that I would like to be the run leader for the marathon clinic advertised to start in January. I had mentioned that I had never ran a marathon before but I wanted to. I thought that if there was a group of runners training for one this would be a good opportunity for me to train for one. He said that I could be a leader and I was excited about the idea of training. The beginning of January Nick contacted me to let me know that there wouldn’t be a marathon clinic happening but there was a half marathon clinic starting January 21. I was a bit disappointed at first but said that I would run with the half marathon group.

The first night of the clinic we did an easy 8k run to see the capabilities of the runners. I was very happy to see 14 runners show up the first night and two of the runners are my co-workers. I love to see people setting goals and if I can be there to help support and encourage them along the way that’s even better.

There are four leaders for the group and we meet every Wednesday night for speed work and every Saturday morning for a long run. Most of the runners are new to speed work or haven’t done it for some time so it is a bit intense. They are doing well though and learning what their bodies can do. On our long runs I talk with some of the runners to see how they are doing and how their bodies are feeling. We have a 5k “homework” run every Thursday and I am sure that some of the group would rather not do that run because their legs are tired. I have found them to be a struggle after Wednesday nights but know that I need to do them. They mentioned they find it hard and their legs are tired but they can see why the “shake out” run is in the schedule. By me asking about their run it is also a way for me to find out if the group is doing their homework. They are important to do each week and will help their training.

The first week the group started training I decided to start my training as well. I am training to run the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon happening May 24, 2015. I haven’t signed up for it yet because I am waiting to find out if Warren will be selected to run with the Canadian Forces National Team. He is waiting to find out if he will be selected to run the 10k race or the half marathon. He should find out mid February. If for some reason he doesn’t go I have a back up race in mind which is the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon taking place May 31, 2015. Either way I will be running in a destination race the end of May. I am looking forward to figuring out soon what one it will be because I am a planner. If I get to run in Ottawa I will get to see my aunt and if I run in Calgary I will get to see my friend Grace.

This is the first time I have ever trained for a race and I have found a new excitement for running. I can remember I had always said I would never run a half marathon and I have now run close to 10. When people talked about running marathons I would say “Why would anyone want to run for 3.5-4 hours? No thanks.” And now, here I am training to run for that long. My hope is to complete the run in 3:30-3:40. That could be a bit optimistic but I need to have a goal. Completing it is my main one though.

I have just finished three weeks of an 18 week training plan that Nick gave me. Today I had to do an 18k run for my long run and since I was running in the VIRA Cedar 12k race I added another 6k after I was done the race. I am enjoying my long runs after the races because I am getting to explore areas I haven’t been before. Today I got to run through farmlands and it reminded me of Nova Scotia. It was quiet and peaceful and perfect for my tired legs.

I was happy with my race today and placed second in my age group and Warren placed ninth. It was a good day for us both.


Have you ever thought of being a run leader for a clinic at your local running store?

What was your favorite marathon to run?



3 thoughts on “Leading, training & placing in the Cedar 12k

  1. You’ll be a great group run leader! Would you like to come to Portland and lead runs for me? 🙂

    Excited to hear about your experience training for you first marathon!


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