Marathon training: Week 4

Monday morning I started week four of my marathon training. I am enjoying my training and following a training schedule for the first time ever. Sunday was a beautiful day in Victoria and I wanted to be outside with Warren. It was an active recovery day with yoga in the morning and then a hike up the front side of Mt. Finlayson. The initial plan was just to climb the front side and come down the same way but I wanted to be outside for longer. I suggested we go down the backside of Mt. Finlayson and make our way around to Bear Mountain and back to the trail that connected too Mt. Finlayson. We ended up being out a couple of hours and so were lots of other people. The parking lot was so full of cars that we had trouble to find parking when we first arrived. I loved that so many people were out being active.

Since I didn’t have a race Sunday my legs felt rested and ready for my run on Monday. I also got to run a new route, well a familiar route but one I hadn’t run for awhile so that put a little bit of extra “bounce” in my step. Warren left to go sailing with the ship this week so I ran towards his work. I had a 7k run that I needed to do so I used MapMyRun to figure out where I would arrive at 7k and then let Warren know where to pick me up. It worked out perfect for us both because I got my workout done and he got to work.

I watched the sky as I ran and admired how the clouds looked like eyelids with long lashes flowing over me. I love clouds and can remember on long road trips when I was a child my Nan would keep my sister and I entertained by trying to figure out what the clouds were shaped like. That has stuck with me as an adult and a it leaves me with a nice childhood memory as well.


Once I dropped off Warren at the gate so he could go to the ship, I grabbed my breakfast from my bag and headed towards work. I got side tracked though because I could see that in the far distance the sky was an amazing pink color and I knew there would be a stunning sunrise that I just HAD to see. I had time before I needed to be at work so I went in search of the shoreline so I could see it rising on the water. I ended up at Saxe Point Park just a short drive away. As I parked the car I said out loud “Wow!” and I was so excited to see the amazing colors in the sky before me. I couldn’t believe it and I felt like I was in a painting. I had never seen anything like it.


A magnificent sunrise.
A magnificent sunrise.
The Olympic Mountain Range.
The Olympic Mountain Range.
The view of the right of where I was standing.
The view of the right of where I was standing.

I was on a high from both my run and the sunrise. It was the best way to start my week. After work I went to Moksha Yoga to give my body a good stretch and a bit more of a workout. I went to the Moksha Flow class for the second time but I found I struggled to stay in my practice. Some days that happens and I try to bring myself back to the room but I can’t always do it. I feel that I am still benefiting from the stretches they have us do and happy I am there even if my head sometimes isn’t.

This little bit of inspiration was left on my flip-flops as I came out of the class. Just one of many different hand written notes I have received each time I go.

Little bit of inspiration left on my flip flops at yoga.
Little bit of inspiration left on my flip flops at yoga.

So, to end this post…what is one thing you do to make you happy? How did your Monday start and end?



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