Oh those Thursday 5k “shake out” runs

Today is Thursday so that means I have a 5k “shake out” on my training schedule. I don’t look forward to this run but haven’t missed one since I started my marathon training four weeks ago. It is only 5k which I realize probably doesn’t sound like much but since I have a speed workout on Wednesday nights it feels hard because my legs are tired.

When I was first given our training schedule from Nick I wondered why we would have a run the day after a hard workout? To me that didn’t seem like a good idea because after speed workouts just walking up the stairs to have a shower seems like a lot. After we completed our first Wednesday night workout Nick explained to us why the run was in the training schedule. He said that it would help flush out your legs and our long runs on Saturday would feel better. He said that the runs on Thursday were to be a slow pace and that if we needed to walk for some of it or even the majority of it we could. That made us all feel better about the Thursday run.

So, for the last four weeks I leave from home carrying my little back pack, my head lamp and my iPod and make my way to work. As I go along my legs are so tired and they barely feel like they are moving. I have either KoolFM 107.3 on the radio or a playlist I created on my IPod to help get me through it. As I run along each week I think about Nick telling us we can walk and I consider it. I then think to myself that if I start walking today then I will think that every Thursday I can walk. So, I push on and tell myself that I don’t need to be fast, slow and steady works.

I also then think about running a marathon; something I have yet to do, but I have heard from friends that the last 10k can feel like forever and your legs are tired. So, until I experience a marathon, each Thursday 5k will be that last 10k of the marathon I am training to run.  I don’t want to start walking now even in short runs because I want to learn how to push through.

This morning for my run I got to go a different way than I normally do. I will avoid the Galloping Goose when it is dark just for my own safety but this morning it was light enough around 6:45am for me to go on it. I had my headlamp on but it light enough for me to turn that off. I was so excited and love when it starts to get lighter out. I have noticed the evenings have been staying lighter longer too. Spring is on the way.

Do you have “shake out” runs in your training plan? How do you push through them?

Trail light enough to not need my head lamp.
Trail light enough to turn off my head lamp.



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