Yoga became a choice

On Monday night after work I went to Moksha Yoga Westshore studio for a Moksha Flow class with the instructor Lisa. I am new to the flow classes and some days while I am in the classes I have mixed feelings. I wonder if I like them or if I prefer the Moksha classes more? I ask that to myself because some days I can follow along and do the flow sequence but if it is a night like Monday night I didn’t have the ‘flow’ needed for a flow class. I can get that way with the Moksha classes too but I find it happens more with the flow. Maybe I am moving too fast? I was happy to go and have learned to realize that some days my head and body are in tune for the class while other days they are not.

I grabbed my things after class and went to get my shoes. There was the little piece of paper left in my sneaker. I have had a few notes left in my shoes since October and I enjoy them because they usually make me smile or think.

What choice did you make?

This morning I woke up and saw the piece of paper on the island. (No, I don’t have a big pile of beautiful white sand in my house with palm trees and warm turquoise colored water all around.) I decided I would take a picture of it to post on Instagram because I found it spoke to me and I thought it might speak to others. As I started typing something about it though I realized what I wanted to say felt like it could be a blog post. So, here you go.

The choice that I made a little over a year ago now was to introduce yoga into my life. Well at first it wasn’t so much of a choice but a very strong recommendation by my osteopath that I needed it so I could help my body deal with the plantar fascia that was giving me such grief.  I had taken part in a few classes over the years and they were free classes because I thought yoga was a) too expensive to pay for and b) not really a workout. I didn’t sweat or get my heart rate up in yoga so it wasn’t for me.

So, at the time Royal Roads Recreation Center offered a free class two mornings a week so I started practicing there before work. After a few weeks I stared to see yoga differently. I still wasn’t sweating or had an increased heart rate but I started to learn about my body. I started to see and feel what it could and couldn’t do or couldn’t do easily I should say. I noticed how my burn scars on my left side don’t allow me to bend or extend in different poses as much as I can on the right side. After a few months I stopped going and I had also stopped treatments with the various practitioners I was seeing. I couldn’t handle being poked and prodded anymore. My body and mind were tired from it all but with time I found I missed yoga. What?!?! This surprised me.

But as the months passed I noticed that I wanted yoga back in my life. I still found it too expensive and I was having trouble to find a studio close to our house that offered a class at a convenient time for me. I wasn’t going to go to a class that started at 7:00pm or 8:30pm because that was too late for this early bird.

In August Warren and I went to Whistler and Wanderlust was happening. We had read that it was going on but we didn’t know much about it. When we arrived the village was alive. It was wonderful to see so many people carrying yoga mats and all the fun colored and printed tights. My running tights weren’t fun like the ones I was seeing. I checked out the schedule for the event and found out there was a free yoga class at Lululemon one morning. It was outside and since it was the summer it was nice and warm. I asked Warren if he wanted to take part in the class and so Warren went to his first yoga class. He loved it and I was so happy for that.

Back in October Moksha Yoga Westshore  opened and I had done some research online to check out their schedule and what they offered. I had never been to the Moksha Yoga Victoria studio to try one of their classes but I knew I was signing up with the Westshore studio because a) it had classes that I could go to at 5:30pm b) they had 30% off their memberships and I love a sale and c) the studio was close to my house. I signed up for their intro month and a one year membership and Warren signed up for their intro month and then a 10 card punch pass. He was still new to yoga and also knew this year he would be away from home a lot.

We now both go regularly and I find if I miss a week due to a hectic schedule I miss it. Yoga to me has become something I need like I need my running. The two go hand in hand. Warren has even found that he misses it and searches for yoga studios while he is away for his work. He likes it because it is a time when he can turn his mind off for an hour and just focus on him. For me I find I can’t always turn my mind off but I learn something new about me pretty much each time I go. Sometimes my body shows me that practicing is paying off and I can hold a pose longer than I could the last time. Other times it shows me that my hamstrings for example need a lot of attention. I feel it has also helped my running which I am happy for.

I now see yoga differently and I am happy I made the choice to bring it back into my life. I love the studio, the instructors and have even made some new friends. I want to learn the poses and don’t mind asking the instructors to help correct me. I have taken part in one of their ABC workshops and have signed myself up to take another on March 14th. Yoga has become a part of my lifestyle and I am happy for that.

What is a choice that you made that changed your life?

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