Race Recap of the Bazan Bay 5k

Today was the Bazan Bay 5k in Sidney. It was a gorgeous day for a run and there wasn’t even a breeze. The route is an out and back along the water and in year’s past we are usually running into a headwind which is never what you want in a race. This event always brings a lot of people out and today there were 618 participants. I love seeing so many people being active.

I was feeling nervous about the run but not as much as I had for the Hatley 8k two weeks ago. I was curious as to what my finish time was last year so I checked online before we left the house. It was 21:52 and I thought to myself “I can beat that and I could finish around 21 minutes.”

We arrived at the Mary Whispering Centre and picked up our race bibs. We chatted with a few other runners we knew and I then saw Robynne. I didn’t realize she was going to be at the race but was very excited to see her. I could tell she was both excited and nervous about her run.

To start the race I was next to Warren and Mae. We were a few people back from the start line. As soon as my foot crossed the start line I started my Garmin like always. There is a clock at the finish line that Raceday Timing Services has set up but I like to have the net time of my race and not gun time. Away I went and I was going too fast. I was running a pace of a little under four minutes because I got caught up in the wave of runners. I slowed myself down because I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep that pace for the whole run and that was more of a ‘Warren pace’. I could see people around me who I knew and approached others I typically run with. I knew I was doing something right.

As I rounded the pylon at the half way mark to make my way back to the finish I was feeling good. I felt like I could pick up my pace a bit and I would still have some steam left for the finish. I approached three guys running in the last 1.5k and I started to move past them. Then one guy broke away from the other two and he started to run by me. I told myself that I had to keep pace with him for the last kilometer because he would would help get me to the end. As we reached the last 400 meters or so he started to pull away from me. My legs already felt like they were going full tilt so I wasn’t able to keep up with him. I then told myself that I had less than a minute and I would be done. I can do anything for less than a minute. I found something deep within and made it to the end. He beat me to the finish but I wasn’t far after him. (Thank you to the guy in blue.)

I finished in a time of 21:04 with a personal best of 48 seconds. Giddy up! I placed second in my age group and can’t believe it. I say that because this race brings out all the speedy people from all over the island. In years past I have placed in the bottom of the top 10 for my age group so to place today with a medal feels pretty spectacular!

Grrr....2nd place medal
Grrr….2nd place medal


After the race I went back to grab a quick snack and 25 minutes later I headed out again to run. I had a 24k training run scheduled for today so I had another 19k to complete. Warren and I had planned a route for me to run and we figured it would take me almost two hours to complete. So, I took off running while the awards and things took place. There were so many cyclists on the trail I was on and people were making the most of the sunny day. 

Yesterday I had picked up a new soft bottle to carry in my hand since I don’t typically run with a water belt. I wanted to try it today so I poured a Gu gel and some water in it before I left. I thought it would fuel me enough since I had a snack before I left after the race. Unfortunately it didn’t and I needed a bit more for the distance I went today. I struggled for the last 5-7k but did complete the 19k. I just didn’t feel my best doing it. My feet and legs burned. As I ran along though I started to think to myself that this was the first time that training for the marathon felt a big ‘ugly’. I figured it was my body learning a new distance and I had also just ran an fast 5k before the long run. Next week is a taper week so I drop back to 18k for my long run. Wow, that will feel like a breeze. Ha!

Are you a sprinter or a long distance runner? What is your favorite distance to run?



4 thoughts on “Race Recap of the Bazan Bay 5k

  1. You looked fabulous today! Its always difficult heading out for a long run after pushing through a fast race. Great job 🙂


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