Race recap of the Comox Valley RV Half Marathon

have taken a few days to process the Comox Valley RV Half Marathon that took place on Sunday, March 21 so that is why my race recap is late being posted.

Initially I wasn’t happy with my finish time of 1:35:32 because I had set a goal of 1:34 for this race. Some of you may read that and think that I am strange for being upset. You may also think that I am not far from my goal time so I should be happy. You are right and after taking time to process my race I am.

Why did I set a finish time of 1:34? The first time I ran this course in 2012 I set a personal best of 1:34:48 and since I have been getting faster the last few races I thought I could make that goal. But what I should have done instead of looking SO far back was look at last years’ time which was 1:37:55. So, comparing those times with one another I was successful.

I started off feeling good and my first 5k were right on track for pace and then I started to falter. I didn’t know what was going on and I started to think too much to try and figure things out to fix. I did decide to try two new things for this race so I think they were part of the problems.

The first was that I carried a soft water bottle that had a GU mixed with water in it. Carrying something in my hand isn’t something I normally do when I run but I wanted to see what it would be like to run with it for my marathon. I decided not long into the race that it doesn’t work for me and I focus too much on the bottle. I like to have my hands free of things so I can pretend I am ‘pinching roses’ with my fingers. My friend Sharon told me a few years ago that it would be beneficial to me because I used to run with my hands in fists. I was then taking the energy from my legs and putting it in my hands. That isn’t where the energy is needed for running so, now I think about roses when I run and pass that tip along to fellow runners.

The water bottle I carried and didn't like.
The water bottle I carried and didn’t like running with.

The other thing was that I wore brand new pair of Asics sneakers for my run. I have worn new sneakers for races in the past but they have always been a style that I have worn before. This was a new sneaker to my foot so there was some adjustment there I am certain. Overall though I was happy with the sneaker but did have some burning in my toes by the time I was done. I am not sure though that I can blame that on new shoes because I typically have that after running a half marathon. So, I will be getting some more long runs under my belt with them and I should be good to go by May when I run in Ottawa.

Asics DS Racer 19
Asics DS Racer 

I played cat and mouse with a few people on the way back and eventually one lady stayed ahead. I just couldn’t catch her and I wasn’t sure if she was in my age group but I was thinking she could be. It ended up that she wasn’t but there was another lady who crossed the finish line roughly six minutes before I did who was. She took first and I took second in our age group.

After I crossed the finish line I still had 5k left to do for my training run of 26k that was scheduled for that day. I headed over the bridge and was moving slowly. I really struggled with the run and my legs were not happy to be moving. It was harder to go from running fast to running at a slower pace but I couldn’t get my legs going faster after I had stopped for a few minutes to chat with Warren about his race.

Overall my race on Sunday was a learning curve and something I am happy for now. My goal race is Ottawa on May 24 and the races that I am taking part in from now until then are training. I need to remember that and keep running my run.

What have you learned from races in the past? Are you able to run with a bottle in your hand?




5 thoughts on “Race recap of the Comox Valley RV Half Marathon

  1. That’s a pretty decent race time, but I can understand being unhappy with the finish time if you had an achievable goal in mind. I like that squishy water bottle. I usually carry a bottle with me as I waterboard myself at the water stations when I try to drink out of the paper cups. It’s not pretty. It is distracting though to carry something though, but better than inhaling water or gatorade.


  2. The good part is that you are not that far off your older time AND you are prepping for a bigger race and discovering what you want to do/not do during that race! Good for you to get in those other km…that’s hard after running fast!


  3. That is an awesome time! I can understand how you felt disappointed about not meeting a goal, but your attitude is totally right. You cut 2.5 minutes from a year ago and are in the middle of a marathon training schedule so you can’t be too hard on yourself right now.


  4. That’s a great time, but I do understand your initial feelings on it.
    I run with a bottle, but in marathons I wear a waist pack which comfortably holds a bigger bottle as I like my hands a bit more free for the longer distance. You could try something like that in training to see how it works for you.
    I laughed at the “pinching roses” idea – mine is to pretend you’re holding a potato chip that you don’t want to break (and yes, I share that one with others!)


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