Spring in my step!

This morning on my training schedule was my Thursday 5k run which I typically go through the motions of running. It is one foot in front of the other and I don’t worry about pace because my legs are typically tired from the speed work the night before. Well, this morning my 5k run was amazing! 

I left the house going through the garage and typically when I open the door I am hit with a coldness but this morning we didn’t meet. I was happy about that and walked out without wearing gloves. I was also greeted with a bit of light and not darkness so my head lamp wasn’t required. So far so good. 

I started my watch and away I went. As I rounded my first corner I was met by three other runners and I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only early bird running. I said  “Good morning!” to them and then recognized  one of the ladies was Stephanie. She said  “Beattie!” and I instantly smiled. I don’t have many people call me by my last name but when I do I always love it. It is one of those little things that make me happy.

I was listening to KiSS 103.1FM on my iPod and the tunes were energizing. I was running along with my hands ‘dancing’ to the tunes and I had extra bounce in my step. My legs didn’t feel tired and I was happy to be out. I ran smiling at different times just because.

I enjoy running the majority of the time but when a run happens like it did today it makes me look at running with a new appreciation all over again. I had an extra spring in my step today.5k Run

How did your morning start? What are some things that you have had energize you for your run?


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