Thank you Asics Canada

I have been hearing more and more lately about people being ambassadors for different brands and I wanted to be part of a brand. I have a love of supporting people, companies and letting people know about the things that I love.

So, at the end of February I emailed Nick, owner of Frontrunners Westshore and asked him if he could find out what would be involved with me becoming an Asics Ambassador. I asked for Asics because for the last seven years I have been wearing and buying Asics sneakers from Frontrunners. In the beginning I used to contact Nick a month or two in advance of needing a new pair of sneakers. I had to order in my shoes because I wear a size 12 2A in the Asics 2000. As the years have gone by they have started to keep a pair on hand for me. It is great because I typically will need a new pair of sneakers roughly every four to months and getting a 12 2A can be difficult.

Nick said that he would contact the Asics rep in Victoria and we could go from there. I would take that and waited impatiently because I was just so excited about the idea. A few weeks later I received an email from Nick asking my top and bottom size. I let him know and then asked if it was for Asics? He just said “Maybe” with a happy face. I got a bit excited but I wasn’t going to put all the eggs in the basket just yet.

Well, last week Nick sent me an email that said “Rumor has it there is a box in the mail for you.” WHAT?!?! and Yes! (Insert me doing a happy dance here as well) were my responses to my phone as I was home alone when I got the email.

Tonight after work I had to go downtown to pick up the TC10k team race packages for RRU’s team I organized at work. I had been told that the box had arrived and it was at the Frontrunners Victoria store downtown. As I walked into the store I was helped by Jim and I let him know who I was and that there was a box from Asics for me. Jim went out back to take a look and then came back without anything. He pointed to the guy standing at the counter and said “He is the Asics rep. I will see if he knows about it.” Michael turned around and introduced himself to me and we talked about what I was looking for. He knew who I was from Nick’s emails. Jim brought out the box and mentioned that he thought Michael wanted to get a picture of me with the box. I was ok with that. It ended up that I opened up the box in the store and they got to hear and see the excitement as I went through it. It was more than I was expecting. I thought I might get a pair of shorts, a tank and maybe a pair of sneakers. Well, nope! That wasn’t the case!

I couldn’t believe all the things I was seeing in the box. I was floored and kept going through it. I was smiling so big and said to Michael “I feel like it is Christmas morning.”

I have capris for the spring and summer in some great colors. I am loving the look of the Geotribal printed ones on the right hand side. They have pockets on the side that will be perfect for Saturday morning long runs and I have 36k this weekend so I will test the capris out.

Asics Capris. Love the Geotribal print ones. So cool.
Capris. Love the look of Geotribal print ones. So cool.

I will then be set to go on top as well. For those days that a cooler I can wear the Raceback Hoodie or the Asics t-shirt.

Racerback hoodie, Raceback tanks and T-shirt
Racerback hoodie, Raceback tanks and T-shirt

I have never worn the Gel-Kayano 21 but I am looking forward to seeing how they feel on my feet. I will try them for a shorter run next week before wearing them for the longer runs. And new socks…every runner loves new socks and how nice they feel on your feet. The compression socks are perfect for recovering in after my long runs. I have yet to wear a compression sock for training so I am not sure if I would like that.

Gel-Kayano 21, Rally Knee High Compression Socks and Quick Lyte socks.
Gel-Kayano 21, Rally Knee High Compression Socks and Quick Lyte socks.

And last but not least, I have decided this outfit below will be what I wear when I run in the Ottawa Marathon in 31 days. I will wear the shorts and top a few times before race day to see what they feel like on just to make sure that they are just right for race day.

Emma Raceback and Fit-Sana 2-N-1 Short.
Emma Raceback and Fit-Sana 2-N-1 Short.


So, how did this come to be? I am an active member in the community taking part in races whether it is volunteering or running in them. I am a member of the Frontrunners Athletic Club and also volunteer to be a clinic leader for their run clinics. I am currently helping to lead the Half Marathon clinic every Wednesday and Saturday morning and the group will run in the Kool Oak Bay Half Marathon on May 24. I enjoy motivating others to be active and I love supporting businesses so people are aware of things that I think are great that they offer. And lastly, I think there could be a bit of luck as well and I just asked at the right time. I am not sure what happens from here but I will wear Asics clothing proudly.

I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to the following people:

Nick at Frontrunners for helping me over the years with running and keeping Asics in stock so I can keep doing what I love. Thank you for reaching out to Asics and making this happen. I am proud to be part of the Frontrunners Club and enjoy helping out at the clinics.

Michael for making contact with your head office to make this happen. I appreciate it and it was nice to meet you today!

And last but not least to Asics Canada. Thank you for the box of merchandise. I am so excited and grateful and I look forward to seeing how everything feels this summer. I will get lots of wear out of everything and not just when I run. There are many mountains I want to hike and explore this summer.

Have you ever asked for something and got more than you expected? What is your favorite brand?



5 thoughts on “Thank you Asics Canada

    1. Thank you 🙂 I look forward to testing the outfit out on the next nice day we have before the big day. Want to make sure it feels nice on for running. Nothing worse than running for a LONG time and something is bothering you. Well, I would think anyway cause I have yet to do it. hehe


  1. Wow so exciting! I just realised I’ve actually never had any Asics kit other than tech tops from races. Surprising given the amount of running stuff I buy :-0


    1. It is pretty exciting and so far the stuff I have worn I am loving.
      It seems that until someone shows us something new we then take a step back and look to see if we have something in it. 🙂
      Maybe your next purchase will be an Ascis top or even some capris.


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