The last long run in my training

So, today was my last big run day in my training and I had 38k on the schedule. I now start to taper for the next three weeks and the next time I run a big distance is May 24 at the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon. I will admit after today’s run I feel a bit scared along with the excitement I have had from the beginning.

I needed a change of place for today’s run so I mapped a route from home to Sidney. For most of the run I ran along the Galloping Goose but to break up the straight, flat sections and I veered off to run along Cordova Bay Road. It follows the water and it is a bit of a rolling road. The view is spectacular and so are the houses. The nice thing about that road is that it meets back up with the Goose again and I continued on.

I took advantage of Warren being home this weekend and asked him if he would drive out to Sidney and meet me for the last 5-6km. It was motivation for him to run as well because he is training for the half marathon taking place the same weekend. He was game and I was happy for that. I told him that I would take about 3 hours 15 mins to run the 38k. He decided then that he would meet me around the 32km mark of my run and we would run back to the car together. He counted back the time that he would need to leave home and start running to meet me. I knew on the map where the mark was and as I approached it I started looking for him. By this time I was feeling the burn in the front of my hips and my shoulders were starting to feel tense. I had been shaking out my arms for the entire run but the “slide your shoulders down your back” move from yoga wasn’t doing the trick anymore.

I then saw Warren. YAY! He stopped running when he saw me and I said “I can’t stop or I will never get going again.” He crossed the road and started running with me for the last 5km. He said “You are ahead of schedule; I thought I might get a break.” I said “No break for me but you can if you want and catch up.” He continued on and he encouraged me the entire way. I was really happy to have him with me.

As I approached the last 3km of my run I started to not be able to take a deep enough breath for some reason. It was like I was hyper ventilating but I didn’t know why or what caused it. It was there for about a block of our run and then went away. A new experience in my training but it wasn’t enough to make me stop.

The last bit of the run really dragged on and this is when I started to get scared and question my goal time. If my body was feeling tired at 34-36km how would I make to 42.2km? Sure, it doesn’t sound like it is that far to go but that would be roughly another 25 minutes of running. Can I do that?

As I cooled down for the walk back to the car, which felt awful I will admit, I thought of a conversation that I had just recently had with a friend. The conversation was about pushing your body physically and blocking out the voices in your head saying you need to stop. Sure, my body felt tired but I wasn’t in the kind of pain that I had to stop running. My body was fatigued but the mental part of running comes into play. You can do anything you put your mind to. You just have to believe in yourself and the rest will follow. So, I WILL be able to make those last 8km when my body starts to complain that it is tired on race day!

Longest run yet!
Longest run yet!

After the run Warren and I headed to the Red Barn Market for sani’s. They make the best sani’s and they were perfect fuel for after my run.

Red Barn Sani
Red Barn Sani

 Have you ever had a feeling of hyper ventilating when you were running? What pushes you through the fatigue when running?


7 thoughts on “The last long run in my training

  1. I don’t know about the hyperventilating part, but the rest of it sounds like you were hitting “the wall”. Uggggg. Takes every ounce of will power to push thru that.


    1. I would agree I was hitting something Cindy. Guess I didn’t know that at the time though.
      I will have to prepare better for race day. I will be a pack mule with all my gels. haha but worth it.


  2. I have started hyperventilateing at the end of the New York and Hawaii Marathons. I was so over come with emotions that I was out of breath and starting to cry at the same time ( doesn’t work). Once I calmed down it was all good. I agree with Cindy you were hitting the wall. Watch your fuel intake, you might have needed another gel. Don’t think its just 20 min to the finish and not take that last gel. That last 20 min will be really ugly if you are not fuelled properly.
    WTG on getting the last long run done. You are so well trained for this. It is going to be a piece of cake for you. Speedy girl.


    1. Thank you Kendra.
      I think that may have been what was happening to me yesterday. I had a lump in my throat but wasn’t crying and trying to breathe. You are right. It doesn’t work.
      How do you carry all the fuel you need for your races? I won’t be wearing a water belt. Do you just pick them up along the way on your run? I know they are giving gels out on the course.
      Fingers are crossed already for race day. 🙂


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