Taper week bring changes

It has been a little bit since I have written and that is because I have been trying to process how I have been feeling over the last week and a bit. I am starting week two of my taper and last week both mentally and physically I felt like I changed. If you have been following my blog or my Instagram feed you know that I have I have been loving training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon on May 24th and I can’t wait for the big day to come. Well, that is still very true but last week that excitement turned into fatigue both mentally and physically. And because of those two things I also found my dear friend “Worry”.

I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I went from being on a high and struggling to stay asleep the night before a big run to the uncertainty of my body making it for an 8k run or even a 22k run this past Saturday. I woke up each day feeling tired even though I had gone to bed at my regular time. When I went for a walk at lunch I felt like I struggled to keep up. That wasn’t like me and it worried me. I then started to doubt myself and my ability to run the marathon. So many questions were going through my head. “Would I be able to run my desired race pace and meet my goal?” “What was happening to me?” “Why didn’t I feel like I wanted to go running?” “Why was I so sluggish?” I had been doing so well and feeling so great and then three weeks before the race I was faltering?! I didn’t know what to do with how I was feeling and with Warren being away it was hard to talk it out on my own. 

I then shared my concern with friends who have run marathons in the past and they put my mind at ease. They told me that these are natural things to be feeling during the taper weeks. They helped me to remember that I have put in the time, the distance and the training and that I was ready for this race. They told me to rest my body and my mind and not let my dear friend Worry use up my energy. I appreciated what they had to say and so happy that I have such a great network of friends in my running community. They have shared their tips and wise words. Thank you my friends.

I am not out of the woods yet but I feel more reassured about what I am feeling is normal. I am still tired feeling but going to bed when my body feels it wants to go. And yes, that can be between 7:30-8:00pm. This morning on my run with Sue she shared with me some tips for eating next week and I will work on following those. I want to be the best that I can be and will follow my own advice on race day and “Run my run!”

Sue and I. We met regularly for my Monday morning 8k run.
Sue and I. We met regularly for my Monday morning 8k run.

The reason I am writing this post is because I wanted to share the ups and the downs of my training. I wanted to share with those who are new to marathon training like me or to someone who is considering training for one. Perhaps they don’t have the the support of friends and family like I do.

So, do you have any tips for me? Have you experienced anything that you want to share with me that I can look forward to or perhaps not look forward to? 🙂




8 thoughts on “Taper week bring changes

  1. I can’t wait to see your results Kyla. You are a little machine. 🙂 You know I’ve struggled this time training for the Bluenose – like I read a couple of weeks ago, Life has enough obstacles, don’t become your own! I’ve been saying that in my head this week everytime a negative thought creeps in about my abilities on race day. I’m trying so hard this week to eat like a superstar and think positively. Thanks for sharing your successes and struggles, both of these things have helped me along the way.


    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for sharing that saying with me. Those are wise words. I feel that writing helps me feel better too so sharing my success and struggles is beneficial all around.
      You will rock this weekend and I can’t wait to hear how you and Donna do. Run your run lady! xo


  2. Don’t worry, you’re going to crush it! Are you getting enough sleep? Plenty of water? Is the weather acting weird? I find that when I feel sluggish it’s usually one of those things.
    go get it!


    1. Like Nike! I will crush it. 😉
      Yes, I am working on getting enough sleep. I am finding I don’t sleep through the night. Not sure why but I am trying to make myself stay in bed even when I wake up early. I can make it until about 5am and then have to get up. Bed is around 8:30-9:00 most nights.
      I drink a pitcher of water each day and have some herbal teas throughout the day. My coffee is only in the morning before work. And the sun is shining of that is a positive. Thank you! All of these things are things for me to consider and make sure I am doing right.


  3. I don’t have much advice since I’m in the exact same boat. My 4 mile run yesterday felt so incredibly tough that I really started to get worried. I don’t really sleep through the night either, and I’ve been finding it hard to be motivated to run in the morning when it wasn’t a problem previously. So it’s nice to hear others are going through the same thing! What is the eating advice your friend gave you for next week? I have been trying to research online to find some information on that!


    1. Hi Lily,
      Sounds like we are both going through what is normal except we didn’t know it. Happy my ramblings helped you to see you aren’t alone. 🙂

      This is what I was told for eating next week.

      Monday and Tuesday not many carbs and more water than you normally drink. Wednesday and Thursday 50% carbs on our plates. Friday is still carb heavy but less portion sizes, lightening up so as not to overeat and the most water you can drink day. Saturday is light but known foods that work for you, and race day is as rehearsed in long runs and GO TIME! Sunday morning eat what you normally would before you race.

      I love toast with PB and a banana.

      Good luck on your run Lily and I can’t wait to hear about it! You will do great!


  4. You pretty much just described the typical taper. You have to trust in your training, eat well and get as much rest as you can ready for race day. Keep working out and retain the pattern of your training, just drop the intensity. You’ll be great!


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