The Ottawa Marathon just became real

Last night before bed I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and came across a tweet from @OttawaMarathon. I decided to check out what they have been tweeting about so went to their profile to see more tweets. I came across one letting runners know that they could search for their bib number through Sportstats. I was curious to see what my number was so I tried to look it up. I wasn’t able to find it using my phone so sent a tweet letting them know. I woke this morning to a tweet from Erin showing me my bib number, Warren’s bib number and a lot of other Beattie’s who will be taking part in the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. At that moment my marathon just became more of a reality! In five days I will be running my first marathon! Wow! So, for any of my friends who want to track me while I am running you can follow me using my bib number below. And you can follow Warren too for his half marathon. If all goes according to plan he and I should be finishing just minutes apart from one another.

Ottawa Race bib number. Reality!
Ottawa Race bib number. Reality!

On Saturday I ran 16k and I felt good. I was happy for that. The half marathon clinic runners that I have been a leader for also completed their last long run. Their race day is the same day as mine and they are taking part in the Kool Oak Bay Half Marathon. We figured that I would be finishing my race in Ottawa just around the time when they would be starting theirs in Victoria.  I have enjoyed being a run leader and found that I learned from them and they learned from me. I have also expanded my network of running friends so it is a win win all around.

Some of the half marathon clinic runners and leaders.
Some of the half marathon clinic runners and leaders.

I feel I am mentally and physically feeling ready for my marathon. I could still use an afternoon nap but I don’t think napping today and tomorrow at work will be a possibility. We leave tomorrow evening for Ottawa and I am looking forward to seeing my Aunt when we arrive at the airport. We will be taking in the sights and sounds of the city before race day on Sunday and I will be making sure to rest my legs as much as I can.

When does running a big race become a reality for you? Any last minute tips you want to share? Or any music suggestions for my playlist? 



4 thoughts on “The Ottawa Marathon just became real

  1. It usually becomes real for me when I pick up my bib at the race expo!
    My best advice is relax, trust your training and keep your pace under control in the first half. If it feels too easy then it’s probably about right. Make sure you enjoy yourself and take everything in – you only gets one first marathon. Good luck!


  2. Very timely. Just half an hour ago I instragrammed a screenshot of my “competitor information” email for a triathlon this weekend and my caption started “Seems more real when…” although I had typed. “This just got real” first. 🙂 Hope you enjoy your marathon. I have my first half in 46 days. But who’s counting?


    1. Oh we count down when we have a goal in mind and it is something we want badly. I hope training is going well. 41 days now. 🙂 How are you feeling so far?


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