I feel like a fish out of water

Flounder: to struggle clumsily or helplessly
I feel this describes me over the last three weeks in a few different parts of my life. When it comes to blogging I have started three different posts only to have them sit as drafts. When I start to write I see the post going in one direction and then as I type it zig zags. I have trouble to organize my thoughts and then I leave it. Take this post for example, I think I have modified it now at least four or five times from when I first started and typically blogging has been a great way for me to get clarity.
The other area I feel floundering describes me is running. I have been sporadic. Why? Well, I think because after 18 weeks of following my marathon schedule I don’t seem to know what to do each day. This is strange to me because before marathon training I would run when I wanted or perhaps I would workout at the Havenwood Park stairs, go to the gym or go to yoga. Monday morning Warren asked if I was going running and I said no. He then asked what I was going to do and I told him I didn’t know. I feel lost for some reason and not sure what to do with myself. He said “You need a running plan.” I wasn’t offended and was right but I don’t know what my plan looks like because goals over the next month are different.
Warren and I are registered for the Broken Goat 25k on July 18 in Rossland so it is now time for me to prepare for that race. I know that I need to get my legs and body used to trail running so I have been on the trails for the last two weeks. Last Wednesday night I ran my first road run and met with my run club for speed work except there wasn’t anything speedy about it. My legs were tired and heavy feeling. It was discouraging and such a different feeling for me because when in training I felt amazing and loved everything about running.
I did compete in the GutBuster trail run at Mt. Tzouhalem on Saturday and I came fourth in my age group for the long course. That gave me a little pick me up because while I was volunteering before the race I was over thinking the run. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it because I wasn’t used to climbing/hiking such steep terrain. As the race started though race mode kicked in and I finished in 1:11 minutes.
Photo credit to RaceStats.org
Photo credit to RaceStats.org
I registered a little over a week ago for the Kusam Klimb. I have never done this climb before but I have wanted to so when the opportunity arose I took it. I will be headed up Vancouver Island to Sayward with some girlfriends on Friday and we will hike, climb and run Mount H’Kusam on Saturday. It is a 23km loop and last year the fastest time was 2h09min and the longest was 11h57min. It is not a race but a climb, a challenge and the opportunity to see a new area. I will let you know how it goes when I do my recap.
So, how will I get myself back into a running routine even though my goals have changed? I have decided to follow my marathon schedule again. I will add strength training and continue with yoga on non-run days. I have been toying with the idea of running the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon in October so if I stick to the plan over the summer this could be my next marathon. I think following the schedule would also keep me accountable while I am on vacation the end of June and most of July. Knowing I have to run is a good motivator.
Thank you to Warren for helping me get clarity on what I need to do. Sometimes it just takes the right little push to get you going.
 Have you ever felt unsure how to train after following a schedule for so long? How do you get your groove back? Any suggestions for me?

2 thoughts on “I feel like a fish out of water

  1. It can be hard to get focused after a BIG event! I felt the same way after my half last fall. I didn’t have anything to focus on other then every day maintenance. It’s not a bad thing – maybe your body just needed some down time to rest, think/not think.
    Suggestions – make weekly plans instead of monthly plans for now. It’s great you have someone like Warren to support you and get’s it!


    1. Hi Anna,
      Good advice and wise words. I didn’t think about my mind not wanting to think. I am going to set small goals like you said and just focus per week in the marathon schedule. My big goal will be the marathon in October but I will wait to sign up.
      I am very lucky to have Warren as support. He is wise too. 🙂


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