Summer Fit Gear Exchange

The beginning of June I was tagged in a tweet by Anna from Piper’s Run and invited to take part in the Summer Fit Gear Exchange that Brittany from My Mama Journey was hosting through her blog.

I thought it was be fun and who doesn’t like to receive packages in the mail!? I sent off my contact information and a week or so later I received an email from Brittany with more details about the exchange. I would be sending a package to Brittany and Charlotte would be sending a package to me. I emailed Brittany to introduce myself and ask questions to find out more about her.

I read some of her blog posts beforehand and found out that she ran the 10k race in Ottawa the same weekend I ran my marathon. Small world. When she wrote me back she let me know she would be training for her first marathon taking place in September. She didn’t know much about gels and fuelling for long runs so I thought I would send along my favorite GU gels and some Cliff Shot Blocks. I also sent Brittany my favorite brand of headband made by KOOSHOO. I was introduced to these headbands in February at the Victoria Yoga Conference and love wearing them. I even bought myself another when I bought one for her. I called her package “All my favorite things!” I hope she likes her new summer gear as much as I do.

The same day I emailed Brittany I received an email from Charlotte. She asked me how I stayed hydrated on long runs, what I used to fuel on those runs and what my favorite color was.

A few weeks later I received a box from Charlotte in the mail and was excited to open it. The first thing I saw was a bright pink box. Inside the box was a note explaining why she had picked the water bottle. She was also sending me an extra top for the bottle because she broke one before after dropping her bottle.

Fuel container I received.
Fuel container I received.

She also sent along three motivational quotes that said:

  • Running is life; with the volume turned up.
  • Can’t see it? You’re one in a Minion.
  • Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Brave Spirit.

I will give the water bottle a try the next time I go out on a long run. I am hoping I will find it comfortable to run with in my hand because it would be great for those warmer days.

It has been fun learning about new bloggers and sharing my favorite things with Brittany. This is my second blogger exchange that I have been part of. The first was The Great Running Music Exchange last year. So fun! Have you taken part in a gear exchange before or some other kind of exchange?

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5 thoughts on “Summer Fit Gear Exchange

  1. Thank you for the great package!! I loved receiving and reading about why they were your favourite things! I can’t wait to give the gels a try during my long training runs 🙂 glad that we connected and look forward to following your journey.


    1. Happy you liked the package Brittany. I am also happy we connected. Good luck with your training and if you have any questions along the way I would be happy to try and help. Happy running!


  2. May I suggest (if you remember) freezing a half bottle the night before then there won’t be a warm hand


  3. sweet!! everyone needs a new bottle! IT’s fun checking out what people sent or recieved….i have done a running exchange and as well a christmas ornament exchange!!! fun!


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