Being present in my surroundings

After being away from Nova Scotia for almost six years I went back for a visit the first week of July to spend time with my Nan and a few other friends. I was born and raised Aylesford in the Annapolis Valley and it was home for me on and off for roughly 27 years. When asked if Nova Scotia is pretty I would say yes but it wasn’t until this visit did I realize how truly pretty it is.

After being away for so long and living in Victoria I have changed the way I see my surroundings. I see the beauty that Victoria holds in the early morning sunrises, the way the clouds and sun mix and mingle in the sky, the Olympic Mountain Range and how the view is forever changing. I feel the frosty mornings when I ride my bike in the early morning and take notice of the fog in the low lying grasslands. I feel how the air is colder in some of the valleys when running or riding. My senses are more alive because I run in the darkness of the winter mornings and my sense of smell let’s me know someone is around before I see them. I am continually finding new beauty in Victoria.

The first morning in Port Williams, where my Nan lives, I went for a run. As I ran along the country roads I noticed the gravel along the side of the road instead of a paved sidewalk or bike lane, the purple weeds that we have that Victoria doesn’t, that lilacs were still in bloom, the many miles of farm land, the mud left on the road from tractors being in the fields, and the smell of the chicken coops. I also noticed the “mountains” we have. I had never really taken notice of them before. They aren’t like the Victoria but they were beautiful in a different way. It was like I was seeing all of these things for the first time even though they weren’t new to me.

So, why am I sharing this? Well, on Friday when I was in Darci’s Moksha Music class she asked “When was the last time you were really present in your surroundings?” “When did you really take notice of what was around you?” As she continued to speak she made me think back to my visit to Nova Scotia. I remember taking in all the sights and sounds while I was there and comparing them to Victoria. I was present in my surroundings. It made me realize that as much as Victoria is home to me now it took leaving Nova Scotia for me to really appreciate where I grew up.

Some of the beauty in Nova Scotia

When was the last time you stopped to take in the sights and sounds around? Do you take time to be in the moment of what you are doing?




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