Race Recap of the Broken Goat

The inaugural Broken Goat 50k, 25k, 12k, Vertical Climb race was held this past Saturday and 192 trail runners now have bragging rights to say that they were the first to break the goat. 

Thursday night Warren and I caught the 5:00pm ferry to Vancouver and spent the night at the River Rock Casino Resort. Friday morning we were on the road by 6:15am to make our way to Rossland, BC. We decided to go through Washington State instead of travelling on the Crow’s Nest because we had never driven that way before. Wow! What a beautiful drive and I’m so glad we did. We drove through many small towns but the coolest town we saw was Winthrop. We stopped for brunch and had a quick wander of the town. I would like to go back and take a little longer to check out the area.

The beautiful Diablo Lake seen along our drive through Washington State.
The beautiful Diablo Lake seen along our drive through Washington State.
A tiny taste of Winthrop, Washington.
A tiny taste of Winthrop, Washington.

Friday late afternoon we arrived at RED Mountain Resort where we were staying for the weekend. We had to pick up our race kits and then later that evening go for a mandatory race meeting. I loved our race kits and look forward to using the beer glass and wearing the shirt. 

RED Mountain Vertical climb course and also the climb the 50k racers had to do.
RED Mountain Vertical climb course and also the climb the 50k racers had to do.

Race morning arrives and we wake before our alarm is set to go off at 4:30am. The 25k start time was 8:00am we had to be in the parking lot between 6:15-6:40am to take the shuttle to the start line about 15 minutes down the road. Both the 25k and 50k race ran the long way back to the base of RED Mountain to finish. It was the perfect though because food, drinks and a shower were just a few more steps away once you were done.

Once we arrived at the start we had to have our backpacks checked to make sure we had the mandatory gear of 2L of water, minimum of 400 calories of food, the course map and a light jacket. Warren and I both passed the check and then waited for the race to start. We both felt nervous but we knew that nerves were good. Both the distance and the trails were unknown to us but we were set to give it our best.

We lined up at the line drawn in the dirt for our start line and Renee, the Race Director counted down from 10 and away we went. The first 600 meters of the trail was single track which then opened up into a wider road for a short amount of time so you could pass others if needed.  As we begin our climb I was running the hills but they felt much steeper than they were. My legs felt tired, my chest felt heavy and mentally I was struggling. I just told myself that I was just getting warmed up and things would get better. Eventually I found that I would walk the climbs because I was walking faster than I was running them. As soon as it became flat I would start to run again. After a bit of climbing the trail started to even out and a few of us cruised along the trail together. It felt nice to feel faster for a bit of time before we were then faced with the next climb.

A few times I caught my foot on a root or a rock on the really technical trails but thankfully caught myself before hitting the ground. After each scare though I would cross my pinky and finger next to it on both hands over each other. I am not sure why I was doing it and something I hadn’t noticed I had done before. The trail was beautiful and kept you on your toes. I remember a few places I came to sharp turn in the trail that I wasn’t expecting. I kept waiting to turn a corner on the trail anticipating to be “hit in the face” with a steep hill but that didn’t come until the 18k-ish mark. The aid station at the top of that steep climb was a welcome sight. I grabbed an orange wedge and was asked by a volunteer if I was going to stay for awhile? I told her “No, I’m getting this party finished.” and away I went. The road we ran down was a service road but the terrain was full of large rocks and not well packed down so it made running it hard. I was weaving my way from one side, to the middle and back to the other side. Definitely not the most direct route.

The service road eventually turned back into single track. There were some small wooden ramps for mountain bikers to go up that felt really big to me by this time. I was in the last few kilometers of the run. I am not strong on downhill single track because I am worried about landing wrong on a rock or root and twisting an ankle. I could hear someone coming up behind me so I moved to the side. Due to my lack of confidence on that kind of trail I stop running “my run” and get worried about holding them up.

Overall I enjoyed this race and will be back next year to do it again. I finished the race in 2:52:42 and came in fourth place for the females and 12 out of 71 overall. For my first ever 25k trail race I am happy and I am learning that trail running is a different beast than road running!  Warren rocked his run as well and came in 7th overall for the men.

After the race we went back to our room and got some food, water and a shower. We then later met up a group of friends for a few beers. It was nice to celebrate our victories in the sun. I also made a new friend as well who lives in Victoria. She and I are planning to meet up for a run after we get back from New York City and I’m looking forward to that.

Celebrating as a group our accomplishments of the day!
Celebrating as a group our accomplishments of the day!

What weird things have you realized you do while running?

Will you attempt the Broken Goat next year?

What is the prettiest trail run you have done before?


4 thoughts on “Race Recap of the Broken Goat

    1. Hey Karyn,
      Thanks for letting me know. Will you go again next year? I have heard it is pretty. Perhaps you and your sister could do the Broken Goat next year.


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