When I decided to start running it was after a break up. A break up that gave me clarity. I think that could be how quite a few people start their journey. I started running on a treadmill and to be honest, I was a fair weather runner only. If it was raining or snowing I would watch the weather from the inside. Eventually I started running outside and the runners I had met introduced me to “10 and 1’s”. We would run 5k and that seemed like the perfect distance for me. 

After almost a year or two of running casually, I was considering running my first 10k race. I wasn’t certain if I could do it but I decided if the weather man said that it would be nice the week leading up to the race, I would register. There was no way I would run in the rain. Around the same time I had met someone new and was telling him about the race that I was considering to run. Though in my mind, I couldn’t actually picture myself doing. He had mentioned that I should register but I had said that I wanted to wait. One day an email came through that said I was registered to run the Bluenose 10k. WHAT? I hadn’t registered myself for that. I then got a follow up email from this same guy, this same guy who is now my husband by the way, that he registered me for the race. NO!!!!!! I wasn’t ready to commit to that. What would the weather be like that day? I wasn’t ready to run in the rain or even the heat for that matter.

I ran that 10k and I remember thinking I had to run it for Warren, AKA “that guy”. I had set a goal of under an hour to complete it and I finished in 51 minutes or so. I can’t remember exactly, but I do remember that I over heated due to being overdressed in my long sleeved shirt and the race tee over top, I had side stitches and I wanted to give up. The run felt awful but I had to get through it both for him and me. I wasn’t giving up even though I had to walk a couple of times.  

I eventually crossed and was so happy. My Nan was at the finish line to cheer me on and I got to call Warren, who was on the other side of the country in Victoria to tell him how I did. I started crying because I didn’t give up and finished. I was so grateful that he had signed me up. 

That was May 2008 and I have come so far. I register myself for my own runs now. I challenge myself and have ran races of many distances. The furthest I have ran is a marathon which took place in May 2015. It was my first and I loved training for it and running it. I look forward to running my next one and think that is the distance I love the best.

I have never been a sprinter and I am ok with that. I am a distance runner and if everyone was a sprinter there would be quite the traffic jam at the finish line. Sometimes I do sprint, running everything from 5 – 42.2K on road and trail. I give my best effort no matter the distance.

I run for me. I run for my mental and physical well being. I run for the clarity it gives me when things seem unsolvable. How it allows me to figure out who I am and what makes me tick. I run for the fun of it and how I have built a strong running community full of people I wouldn’t have met other wise. I run with people who inspire me to be the best that I can be and I run with people I can inspire. I want to help other achieve their goals so I became a run leader through the Frontrunners Westshore store in Victoria, BC. I want to give back to my community and I love it.

I have been running now for almost 7 years and I have learned a lot about me, my husband, what I need to fuel myself as a runner and why I run. At the end of the day running is for me and I run my run!

P.S. I also sometimes run for “that guy”.


Running for me, friends and ice cream.
Running for me, friends and ice cream.



4 thoughts on “#thankyourunning

    1. Yes, it is a hilly course. One day I hope to do the marathon there – just to say I did since it was where my running all started.
      Yes, it was great that Warren did sign me up because I am not sure I would have. At the time 10k sounded so daunting.


    1. Thank you Juanita. I remember the day so clearly. It was rough but I was making it through.
      No need to sugar coat how hard it was but with determination we can do anything. 🙂


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