Tour de Fox Ride

Today I took part in the Tour de Fox 40k bike ride organized by Team Fox and my friend Cindy. The Tour de Fox is a combination of riding and climbing events lead by a guy named Sam. In June he started his travels through the USA and Fox team make their final destination Vancouver, BC on Saturday.

To get to the ride Kendra and I met in Colwood to ride to the ride. It was 20k but we figured it would be the quickest way to get to downtown and beat the traffic. It gave us a good warm up and also a chance to catch up which was nice.

Kendra and I before the start of the Tour de Fox.
Kendra and I before the start of the Tour de Fox.

Cindy’s Dad has Parkinson’s so helping out with this event was a cause close to her heart. Today we were all part of her team called “The Parky’s Peddlers”. The ride consisted of people who were friends and those fighting Parkinson’s. It was great to see so many people out. 

The course was an out and back starting at Clover Point to Mt. Doug. The course was hilly but so beautiful. The route went along the water and through parts of town that have some big and beautiful houses. Since we weren’t driving we were able to see the houses and the views better. It was really nice to slow down and see the sights.


Once I arrived at Mt. Doug I caught up with some of my friends that were there. It was a nice way to break up the ride. I was asked if I was going to ride up the long road to the top of Mt. Doug. I originally said ‘No’ and then was challenged to go. I can’t step down from a challenge so away I went with Pat and Tami. Before today I had never rode to the top but I have walked and ran the road. It had been a long time ago so I had forgotten how long of a climb actually was. At some points I didn’t think I could make it but I did. I can write that on my list of things to do and then cross it off at the same time. 🙂

Top: Tami, Pat and I at the top of Mt. Doug. Bottom: Lily and the view.
Top: Tami, Pat and I at the top of Mt. Doug.
Bottom: Lily and the view.

Once I got to the bottom of the road I headed back to Clover Point. I was riding solo but that was Ok. I took in the sights and listened to the radio on my iPod. It was a beautiful day in Victoria and I felt lucky to be enjoying the weather.

This ride wasn’t a race and I liked that. I took my time talking with others who were riding and slowed myself down. Cycling events aren’t something I do very often but I was happy that myself and others could be there today to be support.

Thank you Team Fox and Cindy for all you do.

What charity do you support? Have you taken part in a fun bike ride for a charity before?  Do you back down from a challenge?

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