Sticking to my word!

Yesterday was a hectic day at work because three of our on campus programs started in the School of Tourism and Hospitality at Royal Roads University. I headed to work for 7:00am so we could get everything set up for their arrival. That mean I didn’t have time to get a workout in before I left. It was Monday though and I knew there would be Kelly’s bootcamp class at lunch. I had written my post about not making excuses but I wasn’t sure if I would get to go since it was the students first day on campus. I took my running gear to work so if I could go I couldn’t use the excuse “I don’t have my gear.”

Welcome breakfast for our students.
Welcome breakfast for our students.

It ended up that I was able to go. The students were in a team event until 12:30pm and the bootcamp class started at 12:10pm. YAY! As I ran from my office to the gym the group was outside starting the warmup for the class.

Our warm up looked like this:

  • 2 x light jog
  • 2 x skipping
  • 2 x backward run
  • 2 x broad jumps
  • 2 x in and out jumps
  • 2 x sprints
  • and 100 jumping jacks

We then moved inside to the gym and used a mat and free weights. Kelly gave me 12lb weights for the exercises. I wasn’t certain at first I would be able to do what she was having us do but I made it. My arms were fatigued at the end but that was the point.

We did each of the following exercises once and for a minute each.

  • inch worms
  • laying down single arm chest press with one arm and then the other
  • glute press with a chest press
  • burpees with push-ups
  • up and down plank
  • plank pop ups

We then repeated our warm up.

Most people had to leave at 12:45pm so as a larger group we did the following exercises.

  • deadlifts
  • single arm row
  • renegade row and jump in

Kate and I were the only two who could stay for another ten minutes so Kelly got us to do:

  • side plank with a row on one side and then the other
  • bent over reverse fly
  • plank where we face each other and slap each others hand x 50
  • sit ups where we gave high five to each other x 25

It was a great class and I felt so good after I was done. I didn’t let any excuse stop me from going and I am happy for that. I even ended my day with a 3k run home. I had my tunes and it felt good to be outside enjoying the fall air.

How did your day go?



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