Run and workout – Outdoors required

This morning I decided that I would run to work and also incorporate a workout that I saw on Elizabeth Gets Fit. I know that I need to do more upper body workouts and this one I could do anywhere because I didn’t require any equipment.

About three minutes into my run I decided that I would use the first bench that I saw as a place to do my first set of push-ups. 25 of them..oh my! I had to take breaks during them but I had KiSS 103.1 playing on my iPod and that helped. They were playing Throw Back Thursday tunes. I then ran less than a block and did five jump squats. I was still trying to figure out how I was going to do this workout during my run so it took me some time to figure out. My arms were tired from the push-ups but my legs were Ok.

I ran next to Veterans’s Memorial Park and decided to use the gazebo as the place where I would do more jump squats and push-ups. I decided to continue down the list I had on my phone and finished it off. 

Next I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate triceps dips would instead of push-ups. A different kind of upper body workout along with legs. I stopped at a cement barrier and did my dips and squats. I continued running and then came to a rock that looked like a good “ledge” for dips. I did the squats as well and ran into Hatley Park Cemetery. I figured there would be some benches or ledges that I could use for my dips. It was pretty running through the cemetery.

Rocks, benches and workout
Rocks, benches and workout

I continued my run to Royal Roads University where I did my final five tricep dips and 25 jump squats. The jump squats were on a hill which made them feel a bit harder. I faced in the direction of going up hill as well to make them a bit tougher. I could feel the burn in my legs…and I liked it.

Down the stairs I went to my office and I was done. I got two rounds of the workout in and a 24 minutes running. I felt good about that and just what I needed to start my busy day.

Do you incorporate running and upper body workouts? What do you use for equipment when you exercise outside of a gym?


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