Boston…Here I come!

Registration for the Boston Marathon opened on Monday, September 14th for those who beat their qualifying time by 20 minutes or more. On Wednesday, September 18th I was able to submit my Ottawa Marathon time because I was 12 minutes under my qualifying time.

Running the Boston Marathon wasn`t something I ever thought about doing because I never thought I would run a marathon. I thought those people were crazy who did. HA! Well, I found I loved training for my marathon because of the regimented schedule. I had to run when my schedule said if I wanted to do my best. I also just loved learning more about me and what my body could do.

Well, it is time for me to dust off my marathon schedule because I just found out today that I got in to the Boston Marathon taking place on April 18, 2016. As soon as I read the email today at work I shouted out loud and got so excited. I even started to cry. That surprised me because I didn’t know how much I really wanted to run it until I got confirmation I was.

Here I come Boston!

Boston acceptence

P.S. I did check the Entrants database and my name is listed.

Have you run the Boston Marathon before?


7 thoughts on “Boston…Here I come!

    1. Thanks my friend. I’m pretty excited. Never thought I would be running in Boston. Marathon training starts mid December. Want to start training with me for a run in NS? Xoxox


  1. Woo hoo! You’ll love it! The crowds are the best crowds you will ever find at a marathon, not that I’ve done many, but I sure loved the crowds at Boston! Heck, I love that city! I did it in 2010.


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