Saturday adventure

Earlier this week Warren and I made a plan to head out on a run/hike that would take us a few hours to do. We were planning to try and run the Finlayson Arm 28k route. Since I had done some of the pre sweep I wanted to see what the whole route was like. Warren was game and we even asked a few others to join but they ended up not making it.

We started the run from the parking lot of Ice Cream Mountain and instead of running Goldstream Park first we ran the course backwards. The first part of the trail we ran Warren had never been on. I liked that I could show him new trails and the terrain was different than he thought it would be. As we continued the climb up the front side of Mt. Finlayson and made our way through the tree line you could see a blanket of low-lying clouds. It was pretty and the morning was mild. I loved that we were still able to wear shorts and tees for our adventure.

Different points along Mt. Finlayson
Different points along Mt. Finlayson

Once at the top we had a snack and then we ventured down the backside. Warren is in his element running trails and excels at downhill running. I’m more cautious and when the rocks are wet I am even more careful. So, as we started down the mountain I told Warren that I would meet him at the road. I also said that if I was more than five minutes behind him that he needed to come back because I had fallen. He agreed he would which I was happy for. 😉

I caught up at the end of the trail and we ran from Roundtree Road to the park boundary of Gowlland Tod. Warren was feeling tired and we had already run for a little over an hour. When he suggested that we turn back I was a little disappointed because I wanted to go farther but at the same time I wanted to meet in the middle and spend time with him. That was what the run was about. We ran back to the backside of Finlayson we took one of the trails that takes you to the trails on Bear Mountain.

Warren then told me he was struggling mentally as well as physically. I tried to give suggestions of help but there wasn’t anything I could do. He asked for some space so I ran ahead. I understand that some days you can’t get out of your own way as much as you want to. So, I ran ahead and Warren after a bit caught up. He then stopped me to give me a hug. He was feeling better and we continued on our way. The rest of the run was good and by the time we reached the group campsite at Goldstream Park I was just as tired as he was. It was a good plan to turn back. I am always telling people that they should ease into distance instead of going big. I need to listen to my own advice.

Overall the run was a good one and we both learned things about ourselves today. And near the end of our run I saw these cool looking mushrooms on a fallen tree.

Cool looking mushrooms spotted on a fallen tree near the end of our run.

How do you help yourself in a run that isn’t going how you want it to? How do flick the negative “mental” switch?



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