Falling in love with Goldstream Park

The last few days I have been feeling unmotivated and struggling to get myself out the door. I went to yoga on Thursday morning but due to the unknown pain I currently have in my right hand and arm I was uncomfortable while practicing. So as much as I thought yoga would be nice if I wasn’t running I didn’t go due to pain.

Each week I get invites through Facebook to go on trails runs on various trails around Victoria. I usually have my own runs happening so don’t go. Due to my lack of motivation I decided that accepting the invite to run with the group would be a good idea for me. It also kept me accountable. I knew the run was going to be 2-3 hours and I could do that.

The morning was foggy but warm when I arrived at Goldstream Park. The only person I knew who was going to be at the run was David and I met him for the first time last month. Once we all got out of our cars I was introduced to Richard, Karen and Eric.

Fellow early bird trail runners
Fellow early bird trail runners.

We started the run by going down Finlayson Arm Road to the bottom of Mt. Finlayson and up the trail until we reached the Y to take us to another trail. Even though we weren’t far into the run I felt good and was happy to be moving. As we went along I admired the beauty of the ground with the largely fallen maple leaves. They were yellow and a golden orange. As I looked into the forest it was damp with dew and so green. I said to Karen that the look of the trail from summer to fall is so different. It was like we running in a different place and she agreed.

As we were just about to the Trestle I looked back to see where David was on the trail. As I did I stopped and said ‘Oh wow!’ and got my camera out. I pointed to the sun shining through the trees and it looked magical. I could have just stayed there admiring the beauty.

So pretty!
So pretty!

We ran the trail until we reached the Trestle and then we walked mid-way out. It was a bit freaky feeling to me even though the railway tiles are close together. We couldn’t see Mt. Finlayson with all the fog when we looked to the right, but the misty mountain to the left was pretty with the sun shining on it.

We reached the Trestle
We reached the Trestle

We headed back down the trail and we went to admire the waterfall at the end. Since we haven’t had much rain we were able to walk up close to the bottom of it. When we get more rain we won’t be able to get as close as we did today unless we want to get our feet wet. I like to jump puddles the best that I can when I run to save getting my feet wet.

Goldstream Park Falls
Goldstream Park Falls

We ran for almost two hours and my mood was so much better than it had been. I enjoyed meeting new runners along with the beauty of the morning.

Sometimes we all need help to get ourselves going again. I knew this week if I could just go for a run that it would be good for me, but I just couldn’t get myself going. I also know that listening to my body is a good idea and I guess in a way you could say I let myself do that. I didn’t push or make myself feel bad for not going.

Do you join group runs to get yourself out for a run?

What do you do when you have trouble to go for a run by yourself?

How do you motivate or inspire yourself again?



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