Solo hill repeats

Happy Wednesday!

Tonight is my run club night with Frontrunners Westshore but I am unable to make it because I am going to a Paint Nite with my friend Sharon.

On the schedule is a hill workout to get us ready for the Bear Mountain 10k race happening on November 14. I am running in the relay with Warren so doing the workout was important to me. So, I ventured out this morning and did it.

Nick had told me that we would be doing four hill repeats of Langvista Drive, Kingsview Ridge and Legacy Ridge. It is a continuous climb and I thought that running it in the dark would be good because then I wouldn’t see how bad the hill in front of me was. In a way it was beneficial but it also took some mental will power for me to do all four repeats. I then thought “There isn’t anyone running with me so no one would know if I didn’t do all four.”

The names of the roads I climbed before breakfast.
The names of the roads I climbed before breakfast.

When I came back down from the second repeat I decided that on the third one I would take my phone to the top and place it on the curb. It was a way of making sure that I would have to go back up and get it. I also knew that if I didn’t do all four I was only hindering my training and not anyone else.

On the last climb it was a real push for me both physically and mentally. I considered walking once but then talked myself out of it. I was almost to the top so I started pumping my arms and pushing myself to go. I even picked up my pace a bit to get it done quicker. I was never so happy to get to the real estate sign which was my stopping point for the climb.


I completed all four climbs and was happy with my times. I stayed consistent which was the important thing. I completed them in 4:37, 4:36, 4:40 and 4:36.

How do you push yourself on hill repeats? What tricks have you done to go back for another?

Would you have done all four or would you have stopped at three?


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