My new Broken Goat race challenge

On November 1st registration for the Broken Goat 50k/25k/12k + Vertical Climb opened and last year it sold out within a few days. Warren and I attended the inagural event and we each ran the 25k race. We really enjoyed the whole expereince and said we would be back to run again. 

The day that I registered I hummed and hawed for a little about clicking the 50k registration box. I didn’t know why I was considering that was distance but something was leading me in that direction. In the end I decided that it was crazy talk and went with the distance I knew. I had heard friends last year say it was a hard 50k so why would I want to put myself through that?

Yesterday though, as I was laying on my couch sick I text Warren and asked his thoughts about me registering for the 50k distance? I had seen something on Facebook about it and it got me thinking again. Below is our conversation and I loved that he is so encouraging and supportive of me.  Broken Goat chat

Last night I couldn’t turn my mind off while I tried to sleep. I flipped back and forth between changing my registration and sticking with what I knew. But when I got up this morning and the first thing I did was register for a new distance. I decided that taking part in this would be a challenge for me. There wasn’t anything stopping me from doing it and in the end I would be running it for me. It may be a struggle and a lot of unknown but so was marathon training and I made it through that.

So, it’s official. I will start training the end of April for my first 50k race. I will give myself a week or two of recovery from the Boston Marathon and see what these legs can do on the trails for distance.

Registration for the Broken Goat 50K

Have you ran a 50k trail race before? 

Have you ever registered for one distance and then registered for an increased distance? 

Any tips for me for when I start my training?




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