My new Early Bird site


For the last 2 years, I have had the website Early Bird Fitness.  My friend Brad, who owns CreativeJuices created it. My original plan was to slowly move it from just a blog to a platform for my personal training business. I have tried a few times to go back and study my Fitness Theory course so I can rewrite the exam, but I have a mental block with it. As soon as I start again I get anxiety and stressed out. I have come to terms that this ship has sailed.

As much as I loved my Early Bird Fitness site I wasn’t using it to its full potential and because I am not going to have a business I have decided to let go of my domain name. I have created this new WordPress site which is a simpler platform for me to use as a blog.

Now to tell you why I haven’t written much lately? I have had a bit of writer’s block. Typically a blog post is sparked when I am running or doing something else that I love. Lately, I haven’t had the spark or felt inspired. As I am out and about I try and think of things to tell you but I draw a blank. So, my blog sits empty I am hoping that will change in the next few weeks as I start training for the Boston Marathon on December 14th. My hopes are that as I train my creative juices will start flowing on those long runs.

Until then…you can follow me on this new blog site if you wish to hear my ramblings.

New blog (1)

What do you do when you have writer’s block? How do you get inspired to post?



3 thoughts on “My new Early Bird site

  1. Welcome back to WP, Kyla! It must have been a difficult decision for you. As for writing- do it for the fun of it, and only when you want.


    1. Thanks Jayne. It feels good to be back.
      I do write for the fun of it but sometimes I feel like writing would help me sort though the fun things going on in my head. It is my creative outlet. All will workout like it should.

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