Boston Training 2016: Week 1

Last week I started training for the Boston Marathon on April 18, 2016. I have a total of 19 weeks of training ahead of me and I am looking forward to the adventure.

countdown begins #boston2016

I didn’t blog about my first-time marathon training when I ran the Ottawa Marathon because I thought my training would just like every other week of running. The only difference I thought  would be the extra mileage on Saturday for my long run each week. I had no idea of the roller coaster ride my training would take me on. So, this time, I thought I would share my journey each week.

For the last few months, I  have been asked, “What are you training for?” I would say “I start training for Boston mid-December.” and then I would hear “Congrats!” I  know that the Boston Marathon is a race you have to qualify for but when they congratulate me it sounds like I am someone famous; which I am not.  I don’t understand yet why I am being congratulated and I don’t think I really will until after I run it.

The training plan I am following is the schedule that Nick gave me this past year for Ottawa. I have been told by some that I should try another training plan, but I feel confident with it and I came out injury free the first time. So, I think “Why mess with a good thing?”

Last week’s training went as follows:

Monday – 11.5k -Well there wasn’t anything on the schedule, but I wanted to run so ran to pick up the car at Warren’s work. At lunch, I went to a boot camp at RRU.

Tuesday- I went to Moksha Music yoga class in the morning.

Wednesday – 10k – Going forward this will be a speed or strength training workout  but run club didn’t happen due to a running event. So, in the morning, I dropped off the car at Warren’s work and ran to my work. Then on my lunch break, I went to a boot camp.

Thursday – 5k – Shake out run. Ran a longer route from home to get to my work.

Friday – 5k- Not a typical run day in my training plan but I have a friend who wanted to jump start her running again before she joins me at the Frontrunners Half Marathon clinic starting January 13th.

Saturday – 14k – My first official long run of my training. Warren was working overnight so instead of taking the car for the day I mapped a run from his work that would take me back home in 14k. The route wasn’t the flattest and I was tired when I got home. Kept a good pace overall and I was happy with it.

Sunday- A hike with some friends of Goldstream Park for a couple of hours.

It was a good first week of training and I woke last Monday morning with a new excitement for running. I thought that was interesting considering I run a few times a week anyway. Perhaps it is the goal that I am working towards?

Today was the start of week two and I am planning to add more yoga and strength training to my schedule. I just need to figure out where I will add these things.

What is your goal right now? Do you get excited about following a training schedule?



4 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: Week 1

    1. Thank you Jane. I have never been to Boston so I am looking forward to all the sights and sounds. Any restaurant you would suggest I visit after the marathon? I enjoy all types of food. Any particular sites I should see?
      Good luck in your goal of running it.


  1. I think congratulations are most certainly in order for your BQ! I look forward to following your training, as I will embark on my own training mid-summer for a fall marathon… I dream of running Boston one day!!

    I love Boston and recommend The Paramount in Beacon Hill (don’t be intimidated by the line!) for breakfast!


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