Boston Training 2016: Week 2 & 3

I didn’t get around to posting about my training last week because I was busy being social and enjoying Christmas. I am sure you didn’t miss my post though because I am assuming the majority of you did the same. If you were on social media you were probably looking at posts of families and friends, food and drink and fun.

I am happy that my training plan started over the holidays because it kept me accountable.

Week 2: Fun times running with friends.

Monday – I ran with Sue for our early bird run.

Wednesday – It was run club night and it was POURING down rain. There were only four of us who showed up. We actually debated going for a drink instead but we stayed accountable. I think we did the shortest warm-up/cool down in run club history.

Soaking wet but happy runners!
Soaking wet but happy runners!

Thursday – Christmas Eve – Warren had an errand to do so we ran to the store so I could complete my shake out run. It was slippery underfoot but the sun was shining.

Saturday – 16 km that was 17 km -I ran with Karen and James. It was a speedy run and we averaged under a 5 minute/km. This is funny because I had been told earlier in the week, by someone in the photo, that my long runs needed to be slow. 😉

Total distance for the week: 40.58 km


James, Karen and I
Speed demons


Week 3: A tiny blip in the schedule

Monday – I went for a solo run…or at least, I think I went solo. And no, I didn’t have too many glasses of wine over the holidays.

Wednesday – Blip Day. Warren and I went to the big city and I was quite excited about running in Burnaby as I had never run there before. As I started to get dressed though I realized that I hadn’t packed my pants. Being the early bird that I am I was getting ready to go for a run around 7:30 am and the stores didn’t open until 10:00 am.  We didn’t have the time for a run later so instead we got ready to go to breakfast.

Thursday – This is where I made up for the missed run on Wednesday. I knew the speed workout that Nick had the group do on Wednesday so I did it on my own. Warren joined me but just did his own run and we met each other on my cool down back to the car.


Smiling faces


Friday – New Year’s Day – We went to Mt. Manual Quimper with some of our friends for a trail run. It was a nice to spend part of the day with them and we even got to make our way through some snow.  Warren and I only went to the top of Quimper and headed down where the other runners stayed and played longer. It was a great way to start 2016.


Saturday – 18km – I headed out solo. I mapped a route before I left home so I could just run and not spend time looking at my watch. It was a cold run morning.

Total distance for the week: 45.98km

I decided that I would share the distance I am running each week because I remember being asked last year as I trained. I hadn’t actually taken note of what I was running but since I can track it all through my Garmin Connect I can share the information easily. Seeing the distance each week will be interesting for me as well.

Overall I am feeling good about my runs and learning lots from runners who have already attended the Boston Marathon. They are helping me to learn how I can possibly improve my time and how running long, slow runs are really what I need to do. It was recommended that I slow my pace by at least 10-15 seconds per kilometer so I tried to do that on Saturday when I ran alone.

Other news…I have a ‘niggle’, as Allison and Jayne say. It is in two of my toes on my left foot and I am not sure what is wrong. It is worrying me a bit but I am calling Parkway Physiotherapy Monday to see if my guru, Steph, can see me soon and get me sorted. I struggle running right now the shorter distances and I don’t want to be running a marathon feeling how I do now. Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 5.55.20 PM

Do you wait before getting your ‘niggles’ looked at? Do you go to the doctor first or right to physio, chiro or acupuncture?

Have you ever left a piece of your workout gear at home when you were away? What did you do?



8 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: Week 2 & 3

  1. I hope that niggle is something that settles soon. I usually give mine a week or so and if I don’t feel better, head for the physio/podiatrist/massage therapist. I’d rather lose a small amount of training early on that be out for ages later. Keep us posted on your progress.


    1. Thanks. I have waited a bit now and since the discomfort level has changed I think I need to see someone. I have an appointment on Friday morning. Happy about that because I thought I may have had to wait due to the holidays and all.
      Hope you find out news soon about your foot.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eeep! I hate getting niggles! Last year I was guilty of ignoring them on two occasions and both resulted in injuries lasting about 6 weeks each 😦
    All I can say is don’t ignore your niggles! get them looked at asap!

    PS I am excited to read about your training journey for Boston – so so cool 🙂


    1. Thanks Jes. I was able to schedule an appointment for Friday morning. Happy I was able to get in so soon after the holidays and all. I have learned from experience waiting doesn’t do us runners good.
      Happy to hear you will be following my journey. I’m excited to see what my second marathon is like.


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