What’s stopping you from joining a run club?

A couple of days ago in my Facebook memories, I was reminded of one of my status updates from early 2012. It said “Off to my first run club night with Beth.” When I saw that post I couldn’t believe it was only three years ago that I joined the Frontrunners Athletic Club in the Westshore location.

I recalled the first blog post about going to my first run club night. I was inspired by this post and made me think about how I feel now that I am part of the club. Actually, I have gone from being a member, to the Social Director and my current role is President. If you want you to read it you can here.

I know that when I first thought about joining the Frontrunners run group I was scared that I would not “fit in” with the runners there. I thought I wasn’t fast enough to run with them and I saw myself as someone who just runs for exercise. I wasn’t a “runner” and I certainly didn’t call myself one. My thoughts as someone looking from the outside was that you had to be a runner an “elite” and someone who placed in races. That wasn’t me.

Then I ran into Beth after finishing a MEC race in October of 2012. She was part of the Frontrunners club and encouraged me to come out and try it. I was reluctant and scared to join her in January but decided it was time for me to step outside my comfort zone. I had no excuse because I lived in the neighborhood and ran by the store all the time. I would also know someone, even if I had only met her at a couple of races before. We exchanged emails and as mentioned earlier I am still a regular and have taken on a more active role.

Being part of the club has brought me many rewarding things.

  1. I have a whole new group of friends.
  2. I call myself a runner and have placed in the top 10 of my age category.

    Cobble Hill 10k 1st place
    First place in my age group at the Cobble 10k in 2015
  3. I have become a quicker runner because of the speed and strength workouts we do on Wednesday night.
  4. I am motivated and supported by the other runners.
  5. I volunteer with various races and support A local small business called Frontrunners.
  6. I am a clinic leader for clinics that are held through the store. Their next clinics start next week for any distance you are looking for. See here for more details.
  7. I help organize an ice cream social in July and a pub run in December.
  8. And most of all I have fun.
2015 Ice Cream run
2015 Pub run group
2015 Pub run

So, if in 2016 any of your goals sounds like this:

I want to meet new people.

I want to try and PB on my next race.

I want to get out running more but don’t want to run alone.

Well, the Frontrunners Athletic Club in the Westshore or any of the run clinics starting at any of the Frontrunners locations may be the place for you to start. What is stopping you?

Have you been scared to join a run club and now love it? What got you there? What has kept you there?

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