Boston Training 2016: Week 4 & Harrier 8k recap

Well, another week loaded in the Garmin Connect application. I have all the details of my run but the emotions and feelings of those runs aren’t recorded. That is where this post comes into play.

Monday morning I ran solo because my fellow early bird Sue was feeling under the weather. Warren is an early bird but I can’t get him to run with me before he leaves for work. It’s a good thing for iPods and the dark mornings because I can then groove to my tunes and no one knows.

I decided to change-up part of my route for the 7km and I would add some hills since I have heard that Boston is quite hilly. As I reached the top of one road I noticed that it had changed. It wasn’t a dead-end and now open due to a subdivision being created in the area. I decided to explore and as I ran down the hill I figured I would have to turn around and run back. To my surprise though the road went through. It is now a loop and I am happy for that as I am a fan of loops.

Lunch time brought some strength training at the gym and I am finding it easier to go because I have a training plan to follow. Before I would make excuses or walk in and be all out of sorts because I didn’t know where to start. Plans work for me.

Tuesday morning I went to a class at Moksha Yoga Westshore. It felt nice to stretch my body and slow things down a bit.

Wednesday brought more strength training and then I had run club in the evening. It was the first run club of 2016 and I was looking forward to going. The month of January brings out runners who have been in hiding for a while. It seems to be the jump-start they need back into running after enjoying the Christmas season. We also had a new person run with us and I practiced yoga next to her some mornings. It was nice to meet her and have her join our group.

The workout that night was held in the same place that I had explored on Monday morning. I had mention to Nick before we left that there was a new road in the area we could run. We all liked the change and Nick has come up with an idea for a different workout for us at another time. Win, win!

Thursday morning was the shake out run of my training plan and Sue was able to join me. I was happy she was joining me because as I left the house I could feel the tiredness in my legs. It brought flashbacks to my first marathon training runs and how those 5km runs felt hard. I remember they got better with time so instead of feeling discouraged with the run I just let Sue know I was struggling a bit. She was happy to slow things down and just run what I could. I was grateful for that and did only 5km and then did a Yin yoga class that evening.

Friday was my rest day and I went to see my physio guru Steph early that day. You can read about that here.

Saturday I went for a 4km run to test out the felt pad Steph had placed in my sneaker. It wasn’t sitting well in my shoe so I took it out as some of you know after my last post. This afternoon I bought some new metatarsal pads at Frontrunners to put in my shoes so will see how they feel Monday morning.

Sunday ended up being my long run day instead of my typical Saturday run day. I was running in the first run of the Vancouver Island Running Association (VIRA) Series so wanted to have fresh legs for the race. It was an 8km run put on by the Pioneer Harriers in Saanich.

Warren and I were asked to volunteer before the race so we helped the group get the veggies ready for the runners. Warren and I had an assembly line going that worked well for us.

The Beattie's prepare veggies for runners.
The Beattie’s prepare veggies for runners.

A little before the race started we went to get our race bibs and we connected with a few of the runners we haven’t seen since last year. Over the summer we have met a few more road runners that we have run trails with and they were there as well. I love how our running community is getting larger. So many friends, so little time to interact.

Warren and I headed out for a warm up run about 15 minutes before the start of the race. It was cold and we were about to be running in our FAC jersey’s and our shorts. Oh my! What was I thinking?!?!?

We arrived at the start line with 5 seconds to spare. I didn’t even have my iPod ready with my playlist to begin. It was a good thing the start was on a downhill because by the bottom of it I was good to go.

I felt good for my run and was averaging each kilometer faster than I had the previous year. I was slowly coming up behind other runners and going by them. I felt strong but knew that I had to save some for the uphill finish. As I rounded the last corner I gave it all I had. Warren always says “I can do anything for four minutes.” I knew I didn’t have to run for four more minutes but I knew that I could give it everything I had for the last 200 meters. I sprinted up the hill to the finish giving it my best effort. To get myself across the line faster I pretended that the last girl I had passed was just behind me. In my mind I couldn’t let her pass even though I didn’t know where she was.

I finished the run and was greeted by Nick, Warren and James. It was nice to see them and Nick said “How was that?” I said “Hard.” and he agreed.

When I looked at my time I was a bit disappointed. I had finished in 34:19 and I thought I was a minute and a bit slower than my time in 2014.  I know that is a great time but I was disappointed because I had felt fast for the entire race. I just couldn’t understand but I didn’t dwell on it either. I was out running and that was what mattered.

After I finished my race I grabbed a quick drink and then headed out for my 6km run. My long run for this week was 14km so I had to get it in. I had left my gloves along the route so I made my way back to pick them up and explore some more new areas.

Once inside I made my way to go change. I was in a hurry to get back and made my first right in the hall to the bathroom. I was in the stall changing when I heard someone cough. The cough though didn’t sound like a woman’s cough. I was almost done changing when I opened up the stall door and looked at the main door of the bathroom. There was a little man on the door. Oops. In my hurry to get changed I missed going to the right bathroom. I hurried down the hall and into the women’s. I washed my hands, did a few other things and back to the main room for the awards. I leaned over to Warren to tell him and he got a good chuckle.

I placed 5th in my age group and I was happy for that. I have some new people in my age group this year and I am the ‘old timer’ in the group. I know that each age category has someone who is speedy so I will give each race my best and “Run my Run.”

5th place in my age group
5th place in my age group

After Warren and I got home we were talking about our races and I had mentioned that I was surprised I was slower. Warren brought up my time from last year on RaceDay Timing and he said “You weren’t slower. You beat your time by 37 seconds.” What? I was so excited and it made me happy because the feeling that I had of being faster on the course was real. It wasn’t just in my head.

Total distance this week: 42.52km

Have you ever gone into the boy’s washroom?

Have you run a race that felt faster than it actually was? Or at least until you got home to see you were wrong?


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