Boston Training 2016: Week 5 and being a Frontrunners clinic leader

We met again because I have come to the end of week five in my training and I am a bit late posting my recap. I sat down on the weekend to write my post but my creativity wasn’t flowing. I did turn another year older last week so perhaps my noggin’ is slowing down.

I had a positive feeling week of training and my toes seem to be happier now that I have bought two metatarsal pads from Frontrunners. Initially, when I start running it feels odd but after a kilometer or two my feet “warm up” to them and I don’t know they are there.

On Wednesday night, the Frontrunners Spring Clinics started and both Warren and I are leaders for the groups. On the first clinic night we always ease the runners in and we go for a 5km-7km run. As we arrived at the store I started to introduce myself to new people and I also connected with others who are part of the club and returning clinic runners. It was great to see so many people out.

Photo credit: Frontrunners
PC: Nick Walk, Frontrunners

Saturday morning was the first long slow distance (LSD) run with the three Frontrunners stores. Everyone met at the downtown location for 8:00 am. To start things off Nick spoke to the runners about proper footwear and clothing to keep them running happy.

Happy runners ready to go!
Happy runners ready to go!

Behind the scenes the clinic leaders gathered and were given signs showing the pace that each group would be running. The runners then found the leaders they would run with for their LSD run. I am helping to lead the “Pain Train” with Colleen, Stephen and David.

I recognized a few faces from the Island Series races and others I didn’t know. We had 14km to run together so those who didn’t know one another had time to make introductions. Most of the runners have run the Boston Marathon so I got to hear their experiences. Some of the group are going to Boston again this year so I will know more people when I go too.

As we ran along we were conscious of our pace and had to remind ourselves to slow down. A few times our watches were all reading different paces so that made things a little difficult. We averaged a little faster than the 5:15 min/km but I think as we get into longer runs we will find our pace evens out.

I had another 6km for my LSD and had mapped a route to run towards home. I was then going to catch the bus but Warren met me and brought me home. I was happy for that because I was hungry and thirsty.

Hydrated by nuun.
Hydrated by nuun.

Sunday was my rest day but Warren and some of his co-workers were running in the MEC Rut Buster. I decided that I would run the 5km race but not race it because my legs were tired from the day before.

It was a miserable morning for a run with sideways rain and wind. It was cold and as I was standing outside in a line to sign a waiver Warren asked me why I was running? I was questioning it myself but because I had registered I couldn’t back out. I didn’t do a warm up and just made my way to the start line. I pretended that I was out for a shake out run. I ended up finishing in 23:19 and came first in my age group. I will take that considering the look of my face in the picture below. HA!

Felt like hail hitting my face but it was just rain drops pushed by strong winds. PC: Jennifer Letham
Felt like hail hitting my face but it was just rain drops pushed by strong winds.         PC: Jennifer Letham

Total distance for the week: 47.23 km

Have you ever signed up for a race and the weather was so bad that you questioned why you were running? Did you stick with it or bail?



7 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: Week 5 and being a Frontrunners clinic leader

  1. wow what a great turnout! looks like it is going to be a fun clinic 🙂
    The rain kinda sucks but I have to admit I sure am liking the positive temperatures we have been having! It is tough to run a race in that kind of weather when you already are not feeling the race. And congrats on your finish! How did Warren do?

    Hope you are having a super week!


    1. Warren did well and placed in his age category too.
      I am happy with the temps and not really complaining but it was painful with the wind behind the rain that day.
      I’m excited about the clinic and the new people I am meeting.
      Enjoy your weekend and see you Sunday!


    1. Wow! that is a crazy storm if they have to close the bridge.
      I wonder if that was the year that I had signed up to run but didn’t because I was a fair weather runner and had really only ran on the treadmill. I remember the water just pooled in the streets. Brave you for doing it.

      Liked by 1 person

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