Boston Training 2016: Week 6

This week I was tired. I think it is a combination of work and training. Work has been hectic with lots of meetings and I have been given an opportunity to travel to Ontario the end of the month. I will be helping our recruitment team at Career Fairs and I will have a classroom presentation to give at a College on the last day. I’m nervous about the presentation but I have my co-workers helping me to prepare. Next week I will have a few ‘dummy runs’ of the presentation and they will give me tips.

Monday morning I got to run with Sue bright and early. I had 8k on the schedule but by the time I made it back home I was a little over 8k. I then had to run around my neighborhood to make it an even 9km. Yes, I am one of those people.

At lunch, I went to the gym and did some strength training and after work Warren, I went to a Moksha Music class taught by Darci. She is an amazing lady and I just love her classes.


Tuesday I took a rest day. I felt, after all, I did Monday I needed the break.

Wednesday I had run club and it was the first night that the clinic runners took part in a speed workout. I had been dreading running because at work I had been ready to sleep at my desk and while sitting in meetings, I fought to stay awake. (It wasn’t cause I was bored either.) Even though I was tired I knew that my fellow runners would motivate me.

The workout was 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for five minutes. We then had a two-minute active recovery and repeated it again two more times. Sean was by me when we started and he said that he was going to run with me. I was happy for that because he helped me train last winter for my marathon and he pushed me to be faster. It was just what I needed. I kept track of our time and our first five minutes went by quickly. I was feeling good. We the completed the next two and I still felt strong. The last one we had to encourage each other along to finish the workout. After I got home I rolled my legs and hydrated with nuun.


Thursday I had my typical 5km run and even though my legs were tired from the night before I felt good. It was raining but the rain felt refreshing and the temperature was mild. I was puddle jumping and felt a bit like a kid.

Friday morning I made my way to the gym but I was late leaving the house so my weight workout wasn’t as long as I had hoped. Probably Ok though as it had been a busy week and I have a race on Sunday.

The marathon clinic runners had a 16km run on their schedule for Saturday and my schedule said 22km. I also had two x 15 minutes tempo runs to do. I noticed I missed doing my tempo runs last week so wanted to make sure that didn’t happen again.  So I could get my extra distance in Warren to drop me off at the Tillicum Road exit and I ran the Galloping Goose to the downtown Frontrunners store. I only had a half hour to get to the store from where I was so I had to make the whole run my tempo run. That isn’t how a tempo run is typically done but since I am new at being a leader for the marathon clinic I didn’t know if going faster during a run was Ok. So, I had to get it done.

The Pain Train and the twins we ran by on our run.

I ran with Gordon for most of the run and got to know him. He just ran his first marathon in October 2015 and his finish time was good enough for Boston. He plans to apply this September and is still in disbelief of his accomplishment.

We shared stories and got ourselves through the run as I found it hard today. I could feel soreness in my toes when I stopped and waddled a bit when I started to walk. I hope that will start to get better as I start running longer distances and my body will start to remember what it was like.

I love my face in this photo. I was worried I would drop my phone.

My legs are tired now and I have a 10km race in Cobble Hill on Sunday that is the second race in the Island Series. I decided earlier this week though that my main goal right now is Boston and that running in the Island Series is a great way for me to stay connected with the running community. I will run my run for the races and just enjoy them.

Total distance: 48.40km so far and another 10km Sunday

Do you share your funny running pictures? Do you waddle after your long runs? Do you have any suggestions for me to help me with that?


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