Boston Training 2016: Week 7 Doubts

Disclaimer: I said in my first post about my Boston training that I would share with you the highs and lows of my training and this is part of it. This past week my thoughts have been of self-doubt and uncertainty when I think of race day.

When I ran my first marathon I didn’t have anything to compare my training to. I just went out and ran my long runs without thinking about what pace I was running. This time around I seem to be very concerned with pace and unsure of what to do. I question if I am training the right way because I would like to finish a bit quicker, this time around. Should I run my long runs at the pace I hope to run my marathon? I did that for my first  and that worked for me. I know that the running guru’s say long and slow runs. I knew that the first time around but just ran a pace I felt comfortable running.

I see changes in my weekly runs as well and wonder why I am feeling a change. I talked with Warren about how I was feeling over coffee one morning and he helped a bit. I am happy he is around this time to be my sounding board.

In my Moksha Music yoga class on Friday morning, Darci spoke about that person in your life telling you that you aren’t good enough or that you should do better at something. I contemplated that thought and realised I have a very supportive network of friends and family and that I was lucky and didn’t have a person like that in my life.  I then realized that I was my own my worst enemy and I was the person in my life who I needed to tell F**k off. Darci’s words and the realization brought tears to my eyes.

I need to just run my run. I tell that to others so why do I not take my own advice? I need to not worry about pace and remember that I can’t change what will happen race day. It is so unknown and there are so many other factors besides the pace when I am running that could affect my race. The weather could affect me or my fueling could be off, my body could just be having a bad day or I could go out too fast and burn out, or jet lag, (a million things). When it comes to a marathon, anything can happen, and as a runner, we just hope that all the pieces fall into place and none of the above happens.

Saturday called for 24km for my long run. My group had 18km scheduled so I did 6km before meeting up with them. It was a grey morning but at the same time it was nice for winter in Canada. We were running from Willows Beach and as I made my way towards it I could see the sunrise peaking through the clouds. Of course, it was the one morning I didn’t have my phone to capture the beauty. Yes, it is the best place on earth.

I had a 25-minute tempo run or as they call it in the clinic a “Me Time” run. I decided a couple of kilometers into the run that I would start my tempo run because I had already done some distance beforehand. I wanted my tempo run to be a 4:45/km because that is what I am hoping to run race day. I struggled to find that exact pace so decided to stop looking at my watch and just run to how I felt. For some of the tempo run I was under 4:45/km and some points I was dead on. I felt comfortable and happy.

In the “Pain Train”, which is what the group is called that I am helping to lead, we have the Express car and the Commuter car. I help to lead the Commuter car which is a pace is around 5:15/km give or take 5-10 seconds. The Express train runs roughly a 4:45/km pace so I kept up with them for my tempo run. At a bathroom stop along the way, I could have waited for the Commuter car but wanted to keep pushing myself for the rest of the run. I was feeling good and felt that the pace I was keeping was what I needed. Near the end of the run I was tired but I was happy. It was just what I needed to give me the “pick me up”. The Mount Royal bagel with honey cream cheese that Warren had for me when I got in the car helped too. Mmmm.

This week I ran with Sue on both Monday morning and Thursday morning. She is a great friend and I am so happy she loves the early mornings. Wednesday night I ran with Warren for our speed workout at run club. I had asked him if I could try to pace him because I want to work at pushing myself and getting faster. He was in agreement so when the workout started away I went with him. I really pushed myself and for the last two one minute repeats, we did I was wheezing. I was outside of my comfort zone and that was my goal.

My motivators this week.
My motivators this week.

I went to yoga on Tuesday and Friday morning and I am so happy I have yoga in my life. I never understood why people practiced but I am converted. Thank you, Moksha Yoga Westshore for having your studio so close to my home.

I went to the gym and worked on my strength training on Wednesday and Friday morning. I decided to try “jumping pull-ups” on Friday because I am really hoping to be able to do some unassisted pull-ups in the next six months or so.

Pull up bar at the gym
Pull up bar at the gym

Total distance: 50.04km

When you are training do you have doubts about your goal? How do you overcome those?

Can you do unassisted pull ups?



5 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: Week 7 Doubts

  1. I did an unassisted pull up once and then decided I never needed to do another one LOL! Doubts are normal if you are aiming for a new goal. It wouldn’t be worthwhile if it didn’t scare you a little, right?


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