Boston Training 2016: Week 8 in Toronto & Cedar 12k Race Recap

Week 8 was a recovery week and I was also in Toronto for work from Sunday-Thursday. When I packed my running gear I was prepared for snow and cold but when I arrived it was wet and mild outside. I was happy for the temperature because it reminded me of Victoria.

Monday morning I had a 6km run so after I had some coffee I headed outside to explore the area. My hotel was near the Toronto airport so it wasn’t the most scenic run. There were more hotels, restaurants and industrial buildings. The most beautiful part of my run was catching the sunrise.

Wednesday’s run club workout was hill repeats but there were no hills to run. I had thought about running on the treadmill but the gym didn’t open until 6:00 am and I had to be on the road by 7:00 am. So, I did a 9km run and added in a few intervals along the way. On my run I saw this cool looking building and also the Toronto Congress Centre. After I got back to the hotel I looked up information about the Centre and found out that it is 1,000,000 square feet. Not a building size you hear every day. It also has a 30, 000 square foot pillar-free ballroom.Buildings seen on my run

Wednesday afternoon we drove to Kingston and I was excited about going because my Aunt was driving from Perth to visit me and I would also be running in a pretty area. I have been to Kingston before so I knew there would be more to see. It was nice and mild in Kingston as well so I really lucked out while I was in Ontario.

20160208_062524 Seen on my run

On my way back to the hotel I stopped at a local bakery for a scone and then a local coffee shop for coffee. Both were delicious and it was a nice way to start the day.

Friday morning I went to a yoga and my body was thankful for the stretch and to change things up from running.

Saturday I had an 18km run on my schedule while the clinic runners had a 14km run. We were running in my neighborhood and the route had a few long hills in it. I don’t mind hills which will be a good thing because the Boston course is full of them.

Sunday was the Cedar 12km race and it was an early morning because I had to take Warren to the airport for 5:30 am. I drove up island with Cindy and Tami so it was nice to spend time catching up with them. Before I left I looked up my time (55:15) from 2015 and was hoping to take even a few seconds off.

I did a warm up with Curran and told him a bit about the route as this was his first time running this race. At the start line, I didn’t feel nervous but ready to run my run. Away we went and as I looked at my watch my pace was telling me that I was getting carried away with the crowd. I knew I should slow down but at the same time, I felt comfortable. If I burned myself out before the finish it was a learning curve I told myself.

During the run, I played leap frog with a girl Christy, who introduced myself to after the race. We would run side by side for a bit and then one of us would pass the other. On the return, I caught up with Patrick who is part of our run club. I said, “Let’s go!” I wanted to encourage him along because I wanted him to help me back to the finish. I kept up with him until roughly the last 2km.

I then saw Curran and as I approached him I said “Keep up! We have 1km.” He came up beside me and then passed me just as we hit the trail to the finish. I hit the grass and caught up to him. I then saw a woman in front of Currin and picked up my pace. I gave it all I had to the finish. I completed my race in 52:54 and had a personal best of 2:19. Giddy up! I was so happy with my run I couldn’t believe it! Pushing myself outside my comfort zone paid off and the motivation of others helped me too.

I placed fourth in my age group and also won an entry to the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon. I was thinking about running it because Warren will be away this summer so we won’t be headed away on vacation. I find vacations make it hard for me to train for a marathon. I am also not a fan of training in the summer but since I running the Broken Goat 50km trail race in July and the Finlayson Arm 50km trail race in September most of my training will be on trails.

4th in my age group and free marathon entry

So, it looks like 2016 holds some big races. Phew!

Total distance: 50.27km

Do you find it hard to train in the summer? Have you pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone for a race and it paid off?


6 thoughts on “Boston Training 2016: Week 8 in Toronto & Cedar 12k Race Recap

  1. Babe, you duplicated a paragraph. Second to last.

    On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 8:46 AM, Early Bird Runner wrote:

    > kylabee posted: “Week 8 was a recovery week and I was also in Toronto for > work from Sunday-Thursday. When I packed my running gear I was prepared for > snow and cold but when I arrived it was wet and mild outside. I was happy > for the temperature because it reminded me of Vi” >


  2. Congrats on the race and the race entry! I have been hearing a lot of PRs from people in the races so far this year – sounds like it has been a great start to the race season! I am hoping to race Bazan Bay otherwise I think my first one will be the TC10K 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your travels as well – for someone who doesn’t travel much I love hearing about other peoples 🙂


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