Boston Training 2016: Week 9

Another week finished the training and I am half way through my training schedule. There are only 64 days until the big day. I have been asked if I am getting excited about and I will be honest and say that I have mixed feelings. Some days I am and some days…not so much.

One reason why is that two weeks ago the rental place I had booked in November fell through and I had to find another.  Not the end of the world I know and it wasn’t the week before, or even the week of the race so I am lucky that way. There are just some things ‘missing’ from the new place that I had in the other. It isn’t as close to the finish but there is transit and I will get to see an area I may not have seen before.  Overall the bright side is I have a place for my aunt and I to stay and we will have a great time.

Another is my race and training thoughts. I seem to have put more pressure on myself for this marathon. Perhaps because it is such a big event in the world of running? Or I know so many runners who have done it. I know that some of it are just the unknown as well because I don’t know what my body will do that day or what the course is really like. That is something I can’t change and can’t dwell on. I also know that these thoughts aren’t bad and I spend some of my runs trying to work through them. This past week I spent a little over 10 hours in running alone. At the end of it all, I do know that on race day I will run my run no matter how I feel now.

I felt a bit tired this week and running felt a bit more like a chore. I didn’t skip a run though and got all of them done. I was also very hungry and a hollow pit so it was a week to cleaning out the fridge and cupboards. There are perks to being a marathon runner…you don’t have worry about food going to waste in your home.

I attended three yoga classes and I was happy about that. On Thursday morning, after my 5km run with Sue, I went to a class lead by Darci. It focused on hamstrings and boy were my hammies tight. It was a bit of a struggle but for the first time, I actually listened to what my body was telling me and took rest when I needed. That was a growing moment in my practice because I typically push through even though they tell us to take rest when we need it. The poses aren’t held for long periods of time so the burning my legs from holding a pose is a good thing. I think the pose is “doing it’s job” to make me stronger so a restful pose wouldn’t benefit me. I was wrong.

Saturday morning I had a 26km run on the schedule and the marathon clinic had a 20km run. I took the bus into town to Uptown Mall and ran 6km to the Oak Bay Recreation Centre where everyone was meeting. The first part of my run my legs felt heavy but the beautiful sunrise made up for everything. Oh how I love mornings!

I was the only leader for the Pain Train and we had only a few runners for the group as well. Most of the “train” were in Vancouver running the First Half Marathon. Running with the group was good motivation and support for us all and two of us said that if it hadn’t been for the group run we would have struggled to finish.  I didn’t know the area we were running that well so I ran with a piece of paper in my hand telling us turn by turn which way to go. The run was pretty and we stopped to capture a few pictures.

The small Pain Train
Cherry Blossoms…so pretty and smelled so nice.
Grey sky but beautiful mountain ran seen from Willows Beach.

Saturday afternoon I took part in the Keg Leg 2.0 put on by Frontrunners. We ran a 5km run that took us to eight different breweries in Victoria. At each brewery, we got to sample a beer and then moved on. We started and finished at Canoe Club. The weather wasn’t the best but overall it was fun. I enjoyed some time with Cindy and Tami and a few others I didn’t know.


So, the week had some ups and downs but I am happy to be learning about me. I know that my problems are small in comparison to others out there but I blog to share and help myself along with others.

Total distance for the week: 52.75km (not including the Keg Leg)

Have you participated in a Keg Leg? What did you think?

Are the Cherry Blossom’s out where you live?



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